The Take Down Begins


It was a great run, but alas, it is time for it to come to an end. I was originally planning on keeping my twists in until the end of January. However, some recent plans for this upcoming weekend, as well as an increasingly ratty nape area and flyaway ridden halo, made me decide to begin taking the twists down on Saturday night. I plan on splitting the take down over a couple of days.

In regard to the matting, I’m really a little mad at myself because I think that I did something that contributed to it. I also felt it happening a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t do anything about it. First, the way that I had the nape cornrowed did what I planned, it prevented the weight of individual twists from pulling out  my very fine nape hair. However, the hair still loosened quickly and the cornrows were very short. So, in order to provide a bigger base for the weight of the twists, I put 6 of the twists at my nape into 3 twists (twisting 2 twists into 1 twist, to make 3 total twists). So, those 3 twists got really matted together.

After taking a shower (which is why my hair is wet), I began to remove the twists, starting with the three at the center. I removed all three twists and then began to try to loosen the matted hair by massaging it and separating. Unfortunately, I had a very difficult time doing this and there was a little gunk (dust and oil) stuck in one section that I couldn’t release, even after applying some Aussie Moist conditioner. At a certain, point, I realized that most of the hair had broken and that the knot was only hanging on to about 4 or 5 strands of hair that were connected at the roots. I asked Wei to confirm this and he did. So, I decided to just cut out the knot at this point.

I seriously feel sick to my stomach about this, because it is about 5 inches of hair. I can’t tell if any of it is shed hair, though I’m sure some of it is. But I’m also certain that it also includes broken hair on my already shorter center nape section. These were the only twists that I removed thus far for which I had to resort to the scissors though. I also think that the nape is the worse area. However, I did learn some things as I removed these first several twists that I’ll apply when I finish the job.

Lessons Learned for Twists Take Down:

  • Afro puffy twists are very natural looking, but with that pro comes a con. It can be very difficult to differentiate between one’s own hair and the synthetic hair.
  • The ends of the twists tangle and knot, so I often had to break the knot at the end, praying that my hair wasn’t that far down. I think I was safe with the nape hair, which is shorter than the rest of my hair, hence the reason that I did that. However, when I remove the rest of the twists, I’ll really have to try to unravel the knotted ends instead of breaking them.
  • It’s best to release and detangle one twists at a time, massaging out knots, gunk and matting. I think that I might have saved the hair in those first released twists if I’d done this instead of releasing all three and then trying to detangle. I would always recommend detangling braid by braid, twists by twist, when removing extensions.
  • Make sure the twist and braided root are fully unravelled and released before trying to remove the extension hair. A few times, I tried to just unravel the twist and then loosen the braid to slide out the extension hair. Inevitably, the hair would catch, bunch and tangle around my hair as I tried to slide it out. So, I’d have to carefully try to untangle a bunched up mess.

Hair Plans for the Week:
So yeah, my plan is to finish taking out the twists at the back of my head tonight and hiding them with the top twists for work on Tuesday (I’ll make medium twists out of my own hair once released). Then, on Tuesday night, I’ll have to finish the job. Pray for me that I’ll have enough time to apply a pre-poo, wash and condition that same night. If I don’t, I have no idea what I’ll be doing Wednesday for work! Maybe I’ll be able to get the pre-poo in on Tuesday night and bun it for Wednesday. Then, I want to henna (roots only), DC and set in a TnC on Thursday! Good grief … I miss my twists already thinking about all of this!! LOL!!

Project Scale Down Update:
I’m down to 126 lbs and feeling better since getting back on the horse last Tuesday! My diet and exercise routine have been strong, I’ve resumed taking my pre-natal multi-vitamin, biotin and MSM and increased my water intake back to about 60 ounces a day. So, just going to try to keep all of that going!


So, did you start or try anything new in the first week of 2012? What are your hair/fitness/life plans for this week?

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  1. Awww oh no. I feel your pain. Now, you have me wondering if I should bother to do them at all. Maybe I should just get straight cornrows with extensions. Those shouldn’t mat.


    • I knew that you would be on this Michelle! LOL!! I definitely think the texture of the hair is more prone to tangles. However, I still loved them and just would suggest keeping your eye on the nape area and removing those twists as soon as they feel like they are matting. And, again, I think what I did contributed to it. If I get this style done again, I’ll get them to cornrow that nape more. I think I might get those big, chunky Havana twists next though!!! The sections are so big, I would think that it shouldn’t take long at all and the take down should be pretty easy too (I suspect).


  2. Yup,I agree with detangling twists by tiwsts especially if you’ve had it in for longer than a couple of weeks. So, how many pounds are you down by? Looks like u are doing really great! Keep up the good job, u inspire me.


  3. I am so sorry to see. I thought your hair looked really great and I was even contemplating on getting them myself. However, I was worried about the whole thing becoming one massive loc. Hope the take down turns out better.


  4. i did braids for years and the take down was hard. some areas are resilient and others were not. that meant some parts retained length and others experienced breakage. good luck!


  5. That’s why I won’t get extensions. My hair is fine too in many areas and I fear the tension, matting and potential breakage.

    My hair plans is to stick with natural products. I’ve been avoiding, sulfates, ‘cones and a few other ingredients and my hair looks and feels so much better. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to see if I can get to the bottom of my constant and excessive shedding. She may run some blood tests to see if there is an excess or deficiency.


    • Omgosh … I wince every time I see that pic! Okay, but seriously Michelle, I’m going to see how the rest of the take down goes. I think I messed up with that first one. I got some detangling spray (reviews to follow … I guess) and will see if that provides some slip. Because, honestly? I LOVE these twists! I just came up with ANOTHER style!! I wore braids several times in the past and never had a problem other then the weight on my nape. Other than that, never had a problem removing the braids or detangling my hair afterwards. But, I’ll let you know how it goes.

      Thanks all!


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