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  1. Happy New Year Shelli! We love this show at home. My four year old son watches this all the time. I actually just got him a Perry the Platypus shirt this weekend!


    • Marsha, you don’t love the song;)??? C’mon! It’s contagious!! LOL!! You’re like Candace;)!!

      CL!! LOL!! Hey lady;)! Happy New Year to you too:)! I was going to get a Perry tee-shirt at Comic Con!! But, I think I would have got jacked! Sure I can find a cheaper one elsewhere!! Love Perry! Actually, I love Doofenshmirtz! HE is hee-larious!! The one where the boys go to the Fantasy/Sci-Fi convention and it starts w/Doofenshmirtz making a pitch for Doof n’ Puss?!?! With the old 70s theme music?!? LOL!! OMGosh … that’s my NEXT random post!! LOL!!


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