Project Scale Down: Day 5 & Abs of Steel


I’ve been using the same Abs of Steel w/Tamilee Webb VHS tape that was released in 1991 to train my abdominals since 1993. The very same VHS tape. I remember seeing Tamilee’s abs for the first time and thinking, “What the HECK kind of definition is that?” I didn’t even know what oblique muscles were and had never, as far as I could recall, seen any woman with definition on the sides of her abs! However, with the proper diet, cardio, weight training and Tamilee’s assistance, I eventually saw those same muscles on my own abs.

So, if it ain’t broke, I ain’t fixing it … and, with a 19 year old VHS take, that’s literal!! (I need to order a back-up!)

Day 5:

  • 10 minute Abs of Steel routine (a.m.) √
  • 28:35 minute BBL Cardio Axe (p.m.) √


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  1. uh oh … this picture always scares me when she’s getting inspired to work out. it reminds me that i may need to start working out … for real … and eating better! BUT … i HATE exercising! arggghh! this is the downside of having a S.O. that’s so well rounded! … and the upside is that i’m inspired to go outside of my comfort zone in order to be a better person … for US! yes, i love her!


    • Wooh hooh! Thanks Courtney!! I didn’t think that the original was available in DVD. I have the Advanced one on DVD. Shoot, I might just have to get that so that I can jump right to the next routine … rewinding to get back to the beginning is so ol’ school;)!!


  2. I have a confession to make. Every time I see your fitness posts I roll my eyes. Or I used to. I would be thinking, here we go with yet another fitness post. Forget that. What’s up with the hair? LOL

    So, it was not from a place of envy but more from a place of I could never achieve this so I’m just not interested in trying but now I’m changing my mindset – not so I can look good and flex my abs or anything. I want to be fit for two reasons:

    * To bring glory to God in this body. The Bible says our bodies are the very temple of the holy ghost. For the last few years God has been dwelling in the Super 8 Motel and that just shouldn’t be! I need to make this body of mine at least of Hilton quality πŸ™‚

    * To live long and strong so I can be here for my son.

    Anyway, I’m now looking forward to your fitness related posts. Even if I can’t do them, I get inspiration to do what I can with what I have and progress will come. For example, yesterday all I did was elliptical and some light weights and my abs hurt! I’m going to skip the weights today but as i type I’m sitting with henna in my head and I’ve got 2 hours to go so I’m about to hop on the elliptical machine and get it done. I’m using the interval trainer to increase the intensity.

    Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚


    • LOL!!! That is awesome. I know that not everyone reads every type of post or has interest. But, I do think that it might help others feel motivated. I actually don’t read the health and fitness or the motivational posts on too often. But, you just know that some things speak to someone out there and that’s why you keep doing it;). But I love that your perspective has changed a little and that is what I hope that this will do for some. However, really, truly, in the end? I do it mostly for myself as well. Even when no one comments, I know people are reading and one or two are looking at it to feel inspired and that inspires me to do better.

      As to the elliptical … it doesn’t bother your knee? I just wrote about it on your other comment. However, if your knee is fine on it, go for yours! If you don’t do a high incline, the motion probably is more like skis and you don’t have to raise your knees high. Okay, I gotta write posts! I have sooo many things I need to write and do, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and procrastinating!


  3. i’m with you on the overwhelmed and procrastination. I have 7 posts to write and I don’t feel like it. Plus I have to finish my online defensive drive course. I still got 4 hours to go ;-(

    Oh and nope the treadmill is great on my knees. It actually works my abs too. OK going to get on it now so that I can do the rest of the stuff I don’t feel like doing before picking my daughter up from work and going back to Target *sigh (notice I said back…went already this morning but my husband thinks I should have stocked up on the ground turkey since it’s on sale)


  4. I LOVE the fitness posts! I am back on my fitness journey and I love seeing what you and the GOCers have been up to. BTW, you should check out Bob Harper’s Inside Out series. I can barely lift my arms to leave this comment : )


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