Beyond Disturbing Part II


In the “words” of my sister Shana who sent this to me …


I just can’t believe some of this. I truly hope that this is an exaggeration for reality TV. If it isn’t, a home visit/evaluation needs to be initiated. *SMH*


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  1. I was annoyed watching this!!!

    The family needs to start eating healthy instead of junk. Alana needs to be in school instead of doing this foolishness.


  2. Lord! I have so much to say about this right here I dont even know where to start. Why is the child’s dream job to be a “couponer” like her mother? and who in tha hell needs that much damned detergent, toilet paper and paper towels?! WHO! I can’t….this has made my head hurt. “go-go juice” and pixi sticks?! I can’t. Poor child was sad she didn’t get a big trophy and in her words “I showed em’ my stomach!” Like she expects to get something for showing a body part…and was the little short pants hip-huggers? I CANT!@


  3. Ok I may be the mean one hear but first off the kid isn’t that cute. Granted her mom is instilling self confidence in her but it’s way over the top. I think when she gets older in like H.S. or later, she’s in for a rude awakening.

    Also, you can’t even just blame the mother. Whatever happened to the law??? It should be illegal to “dope” your kid up.


    • No, you are absolutely right … she is not cute … until they doll her up to the point that she is unrecognizable as the same little girl. But, the sad thing is, she’ll probably end up with issues because she’ll be seeking the attention she got as a child, with the same methods (i.e., using her body) and will end up heading down a road of promiscuity. I’m not a fan of pageants, but I’m sure this gives many a bad name.

      And, I always think, “How pathetic, look at that empty auditorium with all of those mothers seeking to live vicariously through their daughters.” I try not to be judgmental in general … “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” But, you know, some things just push me over the edge. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but to think these things.

      And Michelle, you’re right, seems like some type of child protection service should be investigating these things. *smh … again.*


      • The one pageant that I absolutely love is National American Miss. They forbid makeup on anyone under 17. If the child wears it and they notice it, that’s automatic points deduction.
        Plus, there is no swimsuit contest. The competition is based on your personal interview, introduction and evening wear. Then, there are optional contests like modeling. Kyra one first place when she last did it at like age 14. She was dressed in a pair of knee length shorts from the gap in crayola colors, a yellow top and some red kicks. She worked it with no makeup and just looked her age. Some of the other girls had on high heels. OH and get this it was a casual wear modeling contest. Who wears heels to be casual??? She won $250 and an invite to participate in Nationals. We didn’t do it because it wasn’t in my budget to fly her to CA and pay for hotels and such.

        It was however a good experience. Not all pageants are bad but like say, ones like this give them all a bad name.


    • You are so right. That girl is NOT cute and I think there’s something wrong with her. She talks really slow, but maybe she’s coming down off of her Mountain Dew high. That was pathetic.


  4. Most of those girls on that show aren’t cute until that put all that crap on them and in their hair. I think that DYFS needs to really look into the show and some of those parents’ homes.


  5. Parents who allow their children to get overweight like that make sick. That is ridiculous. Instead of doing pageants and hoarding, they need to eat better and exercise together. Every time I see an overweight child, it makes me mad because it can be avoided. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that people pay all this money to put a child in a pageant. That could be money going in a savings account or bills. They are not gaining anything from it because the money that is won has to be spent on the next pageant. I also think that it is very interesting that a lot of the families that I see on this show do not have a lot of money……


  6. Hey Shelli…I’ve been crazy busy lately. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’m always here! lol…anyway,I HAD to comment on this. I knew the video would show something disgusting but I was totally unprepared for this. This girl has a bubbly little personality and it’s all going to waste for this crap. Not to mention, she’s relying on that sugar high at this point. You are right, when she hits high school..she is going to fall from her little clouds HARD! She’s going to realize that she’s not so cute, she’s going to be showing her behind for attention, she’s going to be completely over-the-top. You know what’s really disgusting tho, I bet these nut jobs could get a show based on how ridiculous they are. I am so sad. I don’t even know what else to say. The 7th was my birthday so I was all giddy and happy, then I watched this…my whole smile dropped. LOL I am so sad for that little girl. And all of the little pimped out girls of the world. But damn, it’s that much worse when Mommy’s doing it. Horrible.


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