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Project Scale Down: Day 4 & Interval Training


Interval training involves alternating periods of intense exertion with periods of rest or lighter exertion. HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. Research shows that high intensity interval training is the best way to burn fat and is more effective in shorter intervals than longer sessions of moderate-intensity continuous training. It’s even more effective when combined with a Mediterranean diet.

via Shape.com

[R]esearch announced at the recent National Obesity Summit in Montreal has found that a simple mix of interval training and a healthy eating plan results in substantial weight loss and health gains.

Sixty-two participants in the nine-month program committed to take part in two or three weekly supervised interval-training sessions of 60 minutes each. Subjects also attended five individual meetings and two group meetings with a dietitian where they learned the basics of a Mediterranean diet. By the end of the program, the average participant lost almost 6 percent of his or her body mass, reduced waist circumference by 5 percent and had a 7 percent decrease in bad LDL cholesterol, as well as an 8 percent increase in good HDL cholesterol.

Want to start interval training? Find three programs on Shape.com here.

Day 4:

  • 18 minutes on treadmill (5 min. warm up; 1.5 min @ 3.8 mph; 7.5 min @ 5.0 mph; 1 min @ 6.0 mph; 3 min cool down) 
  • 12 minute Lauren Brooks Full Body Blast Interval Kettlebell routine (see my DVD review here) with 15 lb bell 

My abs, thighs and glutes are burning, stiff and clenching, but I’m starting to feel that post-workout euphoria from knowing those feelings mean that my body is telling me, “Job well done.”

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body.” 


Beyond Disturbing Part II


In the “words” of my sister Shana who sent this to me …


I just can’t believe some of this. I truly hope that this is an exaggeration for reality TV. If it isn’t, a home visit/evaluation needs to be initiated. *SMH*

December GOC Update: Mershauna


by Mershauna (First Wave) of The Dancing Optimist

Wow, I can’t believe that I forgot an update for the past three months! Unacceptable. Time is really flying. this semester seems to have flown by. Finals were crazy and emotional in the dance department. People were freaking out and I was no exception *lol*. My hair has held up very nicely with my altered winter routine. I was even complimented on it by a hairstylist at a hair show that I did. I love when hard work is appreciated *lol*. During finals, I didn’t have time to work-out with all my papers and comp pieces that I have to choreograph. Fortunately though, my daily classes kept me in shape. Over break, I have been working out with the help of YouTube and my brand new kettle bell that Jon bought me for Christmas :).

I ended up giving my hair a trim after doing the hair show. I was worried about what all that manipulation did to my ends, so I just got rid of them. Also, it was the first  time that I cut my hair curly. I like this technique simply because I don’t have to worry about making it even. I just trimmed each curl individually and tried to cut the same amount on each one. I really liked the result. And it was easy. I’ve been DC’ing my hair with mayo, honey and brahmi simply because I ran out of conditioner and haven’t had the chance to replace it and it has worked pretty well.

So, 2012 is the jump off to me getting serious about my body. I want to be healthier, leaner, with more muscle. Jon and I gave up red meat this year ,which wont be too hard for me. I did it in the past for 6 years. Jon, on the other hand, is a major steak guy *lol*. I am going to start running soon, which I am excited and anxious about.

I’m so excited for this new year. I can’t wait to reach all of my goals!


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British Curlies/Wonder Curl Giveaway! *CLOSED*


Yes, yes, YES!! You read that right! Wonder Curl has recently teamed up with British Curlies to make the WC product line available to my naturally curly friends across the ocean!! Not only that! They’ve also donated a giveaway for January!! As you know, Wonder Curl Butter Than Love is my TnC staple! Well, those of you in the UK have the opportunity to win a Wonder Curl sampler kit with 2 ounce samples of every product in the line!! You’ll receive a Get Slick Hair Smoothie, Get Set Hair Jelly, Butter than Love Pudding and Butter than Love Whipped!

So, what do you have to do for your chance to win???

  1. Like the Hairscapades Facebook page;
  2. Like the British Curlies Facebook page and post “Hairscapades sent me” on the wall.

For more chances to win, refer a friend and have them like both pages and write “[your name] and Hairscapades sent me” on Wonder Curl’s wall.

Ex. “Coily Colleen and Hairscapades sent me.”

They’ll get a chance to win and you’ll get an additional chance for every friend that you refer!!

NOTE: You must be a resident of the UK to be eligible for this giveaway.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the Hairscapades premier of Wonder Curl’s first commercial!!

FABU skirts provided by Sofistafunk!!


Baby Food: It’s Not Just for Babies!!


Okay, first … Don’t judge me!!! So, a fellow NC.com/CurlyNikki/Kim Cole’s GOC blogger got me interested in the whole banana in your deep conditioner thing last May (“Look man, I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe.”). Anywho, so shortly thereafter, I was at the grocery store and was in the baby food aisle and remembered the post. But, as I was standing there, I thought, “You have 4 deep conditioners in the house. You do NOT need to be experimenting and buying one more thing for your hair.” (Anyone else use “you” instead of “I” when talking sternly to yourself?)

Anyway, so I’m standing there repressing my PJ tendencies and looking at the baby food bananas thinking, “Maybe I’ll get some to eat, because I remember this stuff tasting good.” I looked at the calorie content and it was, like, 100 calories in that little jar!!! However, in close proximity to the bananas were these little pouches of HappyBaby and Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food that combined fruits with veggies.

I flipped to see the calories and they ranged from 45-90 a serving, with fiber, low sugar and no fat. Also, no water was added either. In case you don’t know, I don’t do cooking too much. When I’m working out, I need my food fast. I have great respect for all those doing raw food diets or making healthy meals. But, that’s too much prep for me to ever maintain. That is why I am the Lean Cuisine Queen. So, back to the story. As I’m looking at these packets, it hit me, this could be a really easy, convenient, healthy and economical post-work, pre-workout, driving home snack!! So, I bought, like, 10!!! I’ve been eating these for many months nows and they are pretty good (especially cold). I especially LOVE the HappyBaby bananas, beets and blueberries … mmmm, mmmm DELISH!! Anyway, I’ve found them to really meet my needs! It seems that they were on sale when I first found them (less than $1 each). They seem to range from about $1.19 – $1.89 at regular price. So yeah, now that I’m back on my grind, I eat baby food as a snack once a day now. Think of it this way, it’s just pureed fruit and veggies!! Whatever works baby, whatever works!

The Brown Bow Saga Continues …


Last time on Hairscapades

Our heroine arrived home to learn of an MB … Missing Bow. The subject had vanished from her Dollar Store Haul headband.

The following day, she returns to the scene of the crime.

And now, we continue the adventures of Hairscapades and:

The Missing Bow That Used to Love Her

9 a.m. January 4, 2011: Our heroine issues an APB for her big, brown bow via e-mail to all of her staff, including remote locations (it was a distribution list!). The bow remains frustratingly elusive. The APB garnered a few comical reply e-mails though.

12:30 p.m. January 5, 2011: Our heroine is still dismayed by her apparent loss, but has decided that she must move on with her life. However, what’s this? An odd-shaped interoffice envelope is in her inbox? She opens the envelope with hopeful anticipation, casually noting that the name and address of the sender are conspicuously absent. Inside? A very large, burgundy (not brown) bow. She sighs in disappointment. Alas, this is not her MB. Our heroine’s colleague and friend, who had lollygagged about, begins to knowingly snicker. She knows the identity of the anonymous sender and spills the beans like a drunk cowboy. But, our heroine simply chuckles … because, you know, when life hands you lemons …

Well whaddaya know? It coordinated with the outfit!