Bow Down … BOW DOWN!!


The noun “bow,” not the verb!! So, on Tuesday, I wore my little dollar store bow headband as I mentioned that I intended to do here. Remember? it looked like this:

I thought it was so cute and couldn’t wait to wear it again. So why, when I got home and removed it, was the bow GONE?!?! What the frickin’ frack alack?!? Guess we know why it was a dollar now!! You get what you paid for, right? *sigh* So, this is the thing, I would still totally recommend this headband, but with the caveat that you should pull out your glue gun and make sure that joker is secure before wearing it!! LOL! I’m hoping that I’ll find it at work somewhere today so that I can rehabilitate the headband. If not, I’ll probably get another one and follow my own advice.

In other news, when I got home and was getting ready to work-out, I needed to do something with my hair. I suspected that the pin-curls would fall out once I started hopping around. So, I took out all of the bobby pins, made the big front “flat” twist into a regular twist and secured the end with a small elastic like the remaining 5 twists.

I pulled the two front twists back and secured them with a medium jaw clip. So, now I had the ends of those twists and the four other twists hanging like a half up/half down style. I needed them off of my neck, so I decided to start with the long twists and fold them up in a criss-cross fashion over the jaw clip. I secured with bobby pins and tucked the ends. Then, I repeated this with the next two twists, but kept them under and outside the first twists. Finally, I took the shorter ends of the front two twists that were the lowest, criss-crossed and secured them under and outside of the second row of twists.  Well, what I intended as a work-out do turned out so well, that I took photos and am wearing it to work today!!

My one regret? I should have oiled my scalp before putting my hair in the updo!!


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  1. What would be really funny is if it was hanging off at work and she was talking to someone and they didn’t even say anything to her. LOL.
    @ Michelle yeah a dollar doesn’t get you far!!!


    • You guys are hilarious!! LOL!!! Yeah, Minnie took it back! And no Marsha! No one noticed. But, in their defense, the headband is black and you probably couldn’t even see that in my dark hair! It never turned up either! And, I e-mailed my entire department and the head of our security … you know, in case anyone turned it into the lost and found. A few of the ladies in my department were cracking up;).


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