The Best of Hairscapades 2011


Well, this was an amazing year for me in regard to starting this whole hair blogging thing. It’s a lot of work, but I love every minute of it and I hope to be able to continue and build for years to come. With that being said, I’m jumping on the bandwagon with my first ever, “Best of the Year” post!! These were the posts (I didn’t include pages) that received the most page views since the inception of Hairscapades in June 2011!!

1: My Current Regimen

 2: Henna and Me – Shelli’s HairStory

3: Senegalese Twists/Twist Out (Two in One)

4: Twist and Curl (TnC) – A Picture Tutorial

5: Banana Clip Bun Tutorial (My Very First Video)

6: Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Control Cream Review

7: The Banana Clip: Who Knew?

8: Deep Conditioning Tricks … Cool and Seal

9: My Staples: Virgin Coconut Oil/Vatika Oil

10: Exercise and Natural Hair

Did your favorite make the list? If not, what was one of your favorite posts on Hairscapades?


 What did you learn in 2011 about your natural hair that changed the game? I learned that protein is not a four letter word! LOL!! So yeah, the need for protein and how to use it properly was definitely my takeaway this year!!


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  1. I love all the posts; they’re balanced and informative. Re: 2011 hair, I learned that if my hair responds well to certain lines, (KBB, SM or Gio) there’s no need to make additional purchases just because something is on special,(Ms. Jessies 2 for 1 which was so tempting).

    Happy 2012!


    • Thanks Marsha!! You know, I did love that style … but I’ve been too lazy to spend the 2 hours needed to do it again! I really do love things that I can do quickly!! LOL!


  2. I learned that I do have the patience to transition. I’m in month 11 and I wouldn’t have made it this far without helpful tip from this site and others.


    • Awwww, thank you Nancy!! Wow, month 11!! That’s awesome! How long do you plan to transition or are you just on the “wait and see” plan:)? And where is your transition story?!?! 🙂


  3. You know my favorite was the post you wrote just for me lol the one about Chicorro’s lead hair theory.

    I’m working on my top 10 post now. so tired. I fell asleep during the sermon yesterday!


  4. The henna was my favorite. I kept thinking: “How can I get my hair like THAT!!!” and then I scrolled through your blog and realized I never will b/c my hair is NOTHING like yours lol. Love your posts. I read them on CN all the time. Happy New Year!


    • LOL!! OMGosh, that is funny!! I do think sometimes that people don’t realize that my hair didn’t start as 4c and end up 3b! LOL!! There has been a difference with henna, the color of course and curl loosening. But my hair was always pretty shiny and I didn’t have super tight curls. They used to be a lot curlier, but I think age had loosened them a lot before henna and the henna was the extra kick. What I did notice is that the loosening helped blend the crown area with the nape a little better … I had to stop putting henna on my nape hair before it became completely straight! And my hair isn’t as porous and frizzy, anymore. But, it’s not like my hair changed drastically with henna. So, I think most will see some type of difference one they hit about 3-4 applications. But the difference is from your own starting point. Did you see the other henna story of my friend LaShonda? I took a quick look at your blog yesterday (thanks for the guest submissions:) and your hair may be more similar to hers and she still had great results with henna. Her twist outs are AMAZING!! If you haven’t read her story, here’s the link.

      And thank you so much:)!!


  5. Hey Shelli, i was so so happy when i found your blog, i was all over the place trying to find the right regimen for my hair, how to style, whether to cut color perm. blah blah. Then I saw yours and for some reason i said this is it, my hair texture is similiar to yours, i recently had a set back due to a lot of shedding. Then i remembered Aphogee HAIR i come. so thank you for all your hair styles, remedies, etc.


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