Happy New Year Curlies!!


Wishing you all a happy and blessed new year filled with the love of family and friends, health, prosperity and peace! I hope that you all get a little closer to achieving your dreams and/or discover new mountains to climb!!

If you’re going out, please be safe while you’re having fun! I’m gonna be chillin’ like a villain … at home. Maybe I’ll film a tutorial for this little retro swoop and bun that I wore today since I won’t be showing it off anywhere tonight!!

Feelin' so old school Hollywood ;)!

See ya on the other side!!

(p.s. If you’re digging the little retro polka dot earrings, check out Chy’s Curlz’ post about her new Etsy shop, ChysHandmades, and learn how you can get a free pair with any order ;)!)


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  1. Awww…thanks ma’am. You are working that look. So cute! I will enedeavor to upload pictures of multiple earrings and designs. That way, anyone can choose the design they like for their free gift 🙂


    • Oooh, there are multiple designs?! Didn’t even know that! Coolio! And thank you:). I saw my Sci-Five buddies and they really liked it too! I was wondering what they would think, but they all loved it … said I looked “fancy!” LOL :). So, I’m going to endeavor to film a tutorial;)! Right now, my bootie is stuck to the couch and my fingers to this computer though! LOL!!


  2. Same to you Shelli and yours! I enjoyed this year especially towards the end where I got to meet so many fabulous curlies!!!! You have become like (in my Wendy Williams voice) a sister in my head! Like you I will be home in good company! By the way your hair looks great, the twist are working out great for you!!!

    Happy New Year and wishes for many blessing to come!!


  3. Thanks Shelli or should i say Ms. Hollywood. Happy New Year to you and yours. I will be in doors like you, since I have to get up early in the a.m. for work.. Home is actually the best place for me to be right now. I hear the occasional BOOM of a random firework, which makes me jump each time one goes off from outside my window.


  4. Awwww thank you ladies!!!

    @Micha’el, you know you’re my girl:)! And yes, I had an AMAZING year because of all of you and all of this! I feel like I’m onto something here;)!!

    @Petra, LOL!! Yeah, fancy;)!

    @Marsha … I haven’t heard any fireworks yet, but I know that they are coming!!


    • Thanks Michelle! I really am thinking about testing the theory out myself when I remove these twists at the end of January. I think it’s time for a real trim (it’s been a year). But, I don’t want it evened out, just the ends trimmed throughout with about a 1/2 inch to inch removed and then I want to keep it at that length to see if the bulk of my hair reaches that length. Chicoro says in her book that the distance between BSL to WL and WL to TBL seem to take longer to achieve (meaning having full thickness with the bulk of the hair at that length). My crown hair is definitely challenging, so I can definitely see that I might be keeping my hair at WL for a while and waiting for the rest of the hair to catch up.


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