Curlformer Sets


by Marsha of Hairology (aka 24 Hour Hair)

So after my last post I attempted another curlformer set times two, and with each set I tried a different product combination. I tried a set with Healthy Hair butter and Matrix defrizzer gel. I got the gel as a free sample from a previous Curl Mart order.

With this set I over did it with the curlformers. I made really small sections and I ran out of rollers and was forced to use flexi rods. I had tiny curls all over and I felt like a black Shirley Temple. I looked idiotic so I decided not to take pics. I fixed it the only way I knew how. My hair was oober soft and moisturized. My hair lasted the entire week. It could have lasted a little longer, but I was eager to wash and re-set my hair with a different product. At night, instead of setting my hair with snap rollers, like I did the last time, I only covered my head with my satin bonnet. It was so easy in the mornings, because all I did was put my hair in a ponytail. The pic taken in my uniform was actually on day #3 of the set.

So, for the next curlformer set I tried Lotto body setting lotion and Curly Meringue and my set turned out oh so different. Although my hair felt soft and moisturized. I knew the curls wouldn’t last. I did chunky twists later that night. Oh I had a little mishap with a curlformer or two. It got stuck in my hair with the rod and I panicked and had to destroy a roller. The second time it got stuck in my hair, I took my time and got the rod out without cutting the roller. I paid too much for these rollers and couldn’t waste another.

To see Marsha’s results with Jane Carter’s Solution and Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, click here.

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  1. They look great but couldn’t you achieve the same look with flexi rods? I’m still a bit leary of those Curlformers. For one, I’ve read a few reviews saying they can easily rip at fine strands. For two, they are quite expensive for me to risk ripping my fine hair out.

    Marsha, your hair doesn’t look fine. Did you experiencing any tugging at your hair when taking the Curlformers out?


    • Check out Marsha’s recent posts Michelle. You may be on to something with the flexi-rods thing;). You know, I have a set of those Curlformers that are over a year old and unopened? I wonder if I could still return them to Sally’s for a store credit, because I think I’d find the flexis far easier too!


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