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Curlformer Sets


by Marsha of Hairology (aka 24 Hour Hair)

So after my last post I attempted another curlformer set times two, and with each set I tried a different product combination. I tried a set with Healthy Hair butter and Matrix defrizzer gel. I got the gel as a free sample from a previous Curl Mart order.

With this set I over did it with the curlformers. I made really small sections and I ran out of rollers and was forced to use flexi rods. I had tiny curls all over and I felt like a black Shirley Temple. I looked idiotic so I decided not to take pics. I fixed it the only way I knew how. My hair was oober soft and moisturized. My hair lasted the entire week. It could have lasted a little longer, but I was eager to wash and re-set my hair with a different product. At night, instead of setting my hair with snap rollers, like I did the last time, I only covered my head with my satin bonnet. It was so easy in the mornings, because all I did was put my hair in a ponytail. The pic taken in my uniform was actually on day #3 of the set.

So, for the next curlformer set I tried Lotto body setting lotion and Curly Meringue and my set turned out oh so different. Although my hair felt soft and moisturized. I knew the curls wouldn’t last. I did chunky twists later that night. Oh I had a little mishap with a curlformer or two. It got stuck in my hair with the rod and I panicked and had to destroy a roller. The second time it got stuck in my hair, I took my time and got the rod out without cutting the roller. I paid too much for these rollers and couldn’t waste another.

To see Marsha’s results with Jane Carter’s Solution and Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, click here.

Dollar Stores, Retro Twists and Batman


Well, that’s a hodge podge, isn’t it? Okay, first and foremost, I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas. Wei and I split the time between my family and his and enjoyed good company, laughter and far too much food! We are truly blessed and this time of year always serves to remind me how much so.

So, in the days leading up to Christmas Day, a few things occurred. I took off from work on Friday and I FINALLY washed my hair!! It had been over three weeks since my last wash and that morni– … ummm … early afternoon, I finally got to it!! I diluted about 1 oz. of Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo into 5 oz. of water in my dye applicator bottle to shampoo. After cleansing  my scalp and rinsing the shampoo, I applied a ton of Aussie Moist conditioner to my hair in sections (8), braiding each section and squishing the conditioner down and through the twists. I let that sit while I finished my shower routine and then rinsed. I used a Curl Cloth to absorb excess water and finished my session with Kimmaytube leave-in applied to the length of the twists, EVOO to seal and my EO mix applied to my scalp. Ahhhhhhh!!! I felt 5 pounds lighter! My hair is definitely fuzzier for the wash, but it doesn’t bother me overly much.

See that fuzzy “halo?”

After I finished with the hair, Wei and I hit the streets for last minute Christmas shopping! We hot-tailed it to the local strip mall to hit ShopRite for gift cards, TJ Maxx for gifts and Dollar Tree for gift bags, cards and whatever else tickled my fancy! My fancy caught the giggles when it spotted these flowers that would make cute little pieces of Hair Flair!

I’ll attach the flowers to bobby pins or maybe I’ll
sew them onto an elastic headband!

My fancy started laughing a little hysterically when I was on line at the register and glanced back to spot a bendie, animal-print headband/hair scarf a la the one from Target that CurlyNikki posted last week here.

See, I had been … very slightly … bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t try the cute little retro swoop with a French twist updo that Curly Nikki has been rocking with scarf headbands as of late (if you missed it, check her out here). So, I couldn’t resist buying this little do-dad with dreams of styling a TnC into the cute updo. I mean, I knew I’d have to wait to do that, but in the interim, how could I go wrong for $1?!?! Well, on Monday, I thought, “Bump it! Let’s see what kind of swoop bang I can pull off with these puffy twists!”


What do you think?!? Not bad, right? Wei wasn’t really feeling it, but I think that, with a little fine-tuning (i.e., adjusting that hump a little further forward), I could really rock this! I’m totally psyched about the little headband find as I think it’s so cute!! I may have to return to Dollar Tree to pick up the other print! It was a little wilder (like, a hot pink animal print if I remember correctly), but for a $1 … again … how can I go wrong?!

Welp, I’ll wrap this up by sharing my favorite Christmas gifts  … and no, they weren’t curl related (though I did get my Terressentials gift certificate … Mudwash, here I come!!).!!

The BatPhone Returns!!!

This right here? This is serious.

Yeah, he knows me so well;)!

K U J I C H A G U L I A !!!


How was your Christmas weekend? Did you debut a new style or rock a classic? What goodies did “Santa” bring you?!?