Beyond Disturbing


Just saw a clip on TMZ about Toddlers and Tiaras. I have skimmed past the show a few times, watched 10-15 minutes and then turned the channel shaking my head. But this? This? This is beyond unbelievable and disturbing. It’s not even funny and I’m pretty disgusted right about now. Of course, I couldn’t be disgusted by myself and Wei would tell me to not even show him things like this. So, you get the “pleasure” of me sharing this with you!! This isn’t the clip that aired tonight, it just contains some of the same footage that led me here. *SMDH*

It’s truly sad how many of these mothers appear to be trying to obtain vicarious attention by parading their daughters around like prize ponies. I often think they must have been plain Janes or considered unattractive when they were girls and are doing all of this to prove to themselves and others that they are pretty. Like, if everyone oohs and ahhhs over how cute and pretty their daughters are, it must mean that they are too … because, you know, they came from the same genes. 

(p.s. I’m mad that I even have to categorize this under “Random Stuff I Like.” Because, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.)


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  1. I always skip through this show whenever i’m watching tele also, until one day i was curious. Like you, i was so disappointed with how STUPID the parents behaved, and how silly those little babies look with all the paint/makeup on their little faces. Oh, and what got me the most are the dentures those babies wear if they are missing their front teeth.


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