3 Weeks and Counting


Yeah, 3 weeks and counting since my last hair washing session. That is NOT a good thing! I was a complete bum on Saturday and lazed around the house until noon, then hit the shower to have lunch with 2 of the other 3 members of the Sci-Five (see #22 here for an explanation, if you’re new;)). I had pancakes … also NOT a good thing (but oooh so DEE-licious) … and then passed out until about 8 or 9 pm when Wei and I got home (carb crash!!). On Sunday, I had a family holiday dinner in central Jersey. We left for that at 11 am and didn’t get back home until after midnight because we were assigned to the clean-up shift and there were some unforeseen events.

Monday after work, I had to actually begin some Christmas shopping (hadn’t done any yet, with the exception of an Amazon order to get gifts for my staff). And from Tuesday through Thursday, I’m spending my work days in my main office in Trenton, which is a 2 hour commute each way. The drive was made even longer on Tuesday night because of a very unfortunate and sad plane crash on my normal route, which resulted in me taking an alternate way home (I’m not complaining, because a half hour added to my drive is a gift in comparison to the tragedy of the plane crash).

Needless to say, I haven’t had the energy nor inclination to saturate this hair with water and deal with the amount of time it might take to dry. So, I’ve just been moisturizing with water/Kimmaytube leave-in or Oyin Juices & Berries (I know!! Glycerin in Winter! But, I read the article by Emily CottonTop too and the first ingredient in J&B is water ;)) and sealing with EVOO.

Figured you guys might be interested in seeing how the twists are holding up after three weeks with no washing! So, here are a few pics, including some close-ups.

My hair is definitely poking out of the twists and has gotten fuzzy at the nape and sides. However, I really don’t mind it too much. I mind my grey roots more! I really should have done a henna treatment before getting these done! The one thing that the braider didn’t do was apply product to the length of my hair before doing the twists. I would definitely ask that some type of holding product be applied if I get these done again as I believe it would have ensured that my hair was constrained within the length of the twists. I noticed that there were loose strands when I got home after having the twists done and I believe that more hair is coming out of the twists the older that they get. Again though, I’m not overly concerned as it appears to mostly be around the edges and my plan was to get the “halo” redone at the end of December or the first week in January.

In regard to my scalp, it could use a washing, but it isn’t bad. I’ve been oiling it every few days (usually if it feels itchy) and don’t appear to have much build-up, though there is a little. I have been totally blowing off exercising for the last two weeks (*boooh! hisss!* “Bad Shelli!”), so I haven’t had a sweaty scalp to contend with lately. But, this is it. I definitely have to wash it this week before this hair crawls off of my head on its own.  I think I may take Friday off from work and I’ll use the time to wash this mop then!


So, what’s the deal? Who else is like me and only really started shopping this week with Christmas mere days away?!?! I know that I’m not alone ;)!! Right? Right? Anybody? Anybody?


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    • I saw that on FB Rece;)! So, I was kind of cheating because I knew that you were in the same boat as me! LOL!! I’m still not done. Shoprite cashier aisle with all the gift certificates, here I come!!! LOL!!


  1. I haven’t purchased ONE thing yet…and really don’t know when I will have time to start. I will say that I went to the salon and had my hair blown out…OMG, I LOVE IT! I haven’t seen it straight since July. I can see that it has grown, almost back to BSL.
    Everyone have a GREAT day and be thankful for something or someone.


    • Thanks Marsha. I got them because it seemed like they got better with age!! Seems that we are not alone;)!!! I’m the ultimate procrastinator anyway. You don’t know how many posts I’ve been writing at 6 am before getting ready for work!! LOL!! I have said since high school, I do my best work under pressure;)!


  2. OMG Shelly!! I am in the exact same predicament as you!!!

    I’ve had box braids in for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and have YET to clean this scalp of mine. It isn’t bad though, seeing as I haven’t been working out either *looks around the room to avoid eye contact*. But I oil it with a mix of Jojoba, Castor, and Peppermint oils every 3days. I also use Enso Naturals Sweet Honey Hibiscus Leave In down the length of my braids like twice a week. So, don’t feel too bad about not washing your hair! Lol

    As for Christmas shopping…yeah…Macy’s is having a one day sale, so hopefully I’ll make it up there…if not, there will be some homemade Christmas presents under the tree this year lol


    • Oooooh, thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone Ayeshia!! And don’t you know, I said I was going to wash my hair tonight so I didn’t have to do it Friday and could enjoy the day. But, I got home at 7 again and couldn’t get into my sweats, tee-shirt and socks fast enough!!! LOL!! As I said above, I’ll be finishing my shopping in the grocery store most likely!! LOL!!


  3. It looks like we’re all slackers. I haven’t washed in almost 3 weeks (changing that today) and I have been going to sleep without a satin scarf or bonnett!

    Here’s the kicker….no breakage and little shedding. I guess even though I’m neglecting my hair, the lack of manipulation is good and the sebum is nicely working its way down my hair shaft. I have not even really moisturized except to throw my hair in a ponytail every other day. I spray a little water on it just to smooth it.

    Your twists look great. 3 weeks is impressive. I’m aiming at getting it done for my birthday. Hopefully


    • Ooooh, no scarf or bonnet too??!! LOL!! That’s one thing I always see to do. But, I haven’t taken my vitamins all week!! Oh my gosh, when I fall off the wagon, I FALL OFF THE WAGON *hanging head in shame*.

      As to the no breakage and little shedding, that IS definitely the good side effect of low manipulation regimens:). Sounds like it is doing your hair good:)!!

      And thanks about the twists!! When is your birthday Michelle? Have you checked into that salon? I e-mailed them last week regarding pricing for the Havana Twists, but haven’t received a reply.


  4. You are not alone! I just went shopping on Wednesday for my Mom. I have no children, so everyone else is getting money in a gift envelope. I think if I had little ones to buy for I would have been on the case. Anyhoo, I treated my staff to lunch and decided to give my best work buddy a gift that I had actually bought myself (a cashmere hat and glove set from Lord and Taylor on sale). Your twists are fine. You do a great job in regularly protecting and maintaining your hair so don’t sweat it. I believe that when you have a consistently good regimen (be it hair, diet, body & soul), a temporary slip will not fundamentally damage anything. Happy holidays and put that satin bonnet on!


  5. This is the post that popped up when I googled “afro puffy twists” at work today (yeah, slacking at my desk for a minute!). I put some Marley braid in my hair before Christmas in an effort to protect my hair … from myself. I needed something that would keep my from doing my hair every single day. And while I liked how easy-care the twists were, I wasn’t loving the Marley hair — too heavy and a bit hard. Over the weekend I decided to order to Nafy collection hair and see if I liked it better. Googled it today to see what other hair journey girls had to say and found my way back here. Your twists look great! I won’t wear mine so long because my hair isn’t half a long as yours, but I’m encouraged to see how nice yours look. My package should arrive Friday, so I think I just made some new weekend plans! Did I ever send you the photo from Curly Nikki’s NYC meetup?


    • Oooooh, cool! I cam up on the first page of that Google search?! LOL!! Yeah, I love the hair, it’s very light and fluffy, IMO. No!! You never sent me the pic! Please do whenever you get a chance:). Nice “hearing” from you:)!! I have to go to your site for a visit:). It’s hard to read when you’re always trying to write. And, now it’s time for me to hit the sack!


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