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3 Weeks and Counting


Yeah, 3 weeks and counting since my last hair washing session. That is NOT a good thing! I was a complete bum on Saturday and lazed around the house until noon, then hit the shower to have lunch with 2 of the other 3 members of the Sci-Five (see #22 here for an explanation, if you’re new;)). I had pancakes … also NOT a good thing (but oooh so DEE-licious) … and then passed out until about 8 or 9 pm when Wei and I got home (carb crash!!). On Sunday, I had a family holiday dinner in central Jersey. We left for that at 11 am and didn’t get back home until after midnight because we were assigned to the clean-up shift and there were some unforeseen events.

Monday after work, I had to actually begin some Christmas shopping (hadn’t done any yet, with the exception of an Amazon order to get gifts for my staff). And from Tuesday through Thursday, I’m spending my work days in my main office in Trenton, which is a 2 hour commute each way. The drive was made even longer on Tuesday night because of a very unfortunate and sad plane crash on my normal route, which resulted in me taking an alternate way home (I’m not complaining, because a half hour added to my drive is a gift in comparison to the tragedy of the plane crash).

Needless to say, I haven’t had the energy nor inclination to saturate this hair with water and deal with the amount of time it might take to dry. So, I’ve just been moisturizing with water/Kimmaytube leave-in or Oyin Juices & Berries (I know!! Glycerin in Winter! But, I read the article by Emily CottonTop too and the first ingredient in J&B is water ;)) and sealing with EVOO.

Figured you guys might be interested in seeing how the twists are holding up after three weeks with no washing! So, here are a few pics, including some close-ups.

My hair is definitely poking out of the twists and has gotten fuzzy at the nape and sides. However, I really don’t mind it too much. I mind my grey roots more! I really should have done a henna treatment before getting these done! The one thing that the braider didn’t do was apply product to the length of my hair before doing the twists. I would definitely ask that some type of holding product be applied if I get these done again as I believe it would have ensured that my hair was constrained within the length of the twists. I noticed that there were loose strands when I got home after having the twists done and I believe that more hair is coming out of the twists the older that they get. Again though, I’m not overly concerned as it appears to mostly be around the edges and my plan was to get the “halo” redone at the end of December or the first week in January.

In regard to my scalp, it could use a washing, but it isn’t bad. I’ve been oiling it every few days (usually if it feels itchy) and don’t appear to have much build-up, though there is a little. I have been totally blowing off exercising for the last two weeks (*boooh! hisss!* “Bad Shelli!”), so I haven’t had a sweaty scalp to contend with lately. But, this is it. I definitely have to wash it this week before this hair crawls off of my head on its own.  I think I may take Friday off from work and I’ll use the time to wash this mop then!


So, what’s the deal? Who else is like me and only really started shopping this week with Christmas mere days away?!?! I know that I’m not alone ;)!! Right? Right? Anybody? Anybody?