The Power of pH


WnG w/Kimmaytube leave-in (July/Aug)

Tips & Tricks Number Twelve

A little while ago, someone mentioned to me that Kimmaytube did a video regarding controlling her hairstyle with pH balance. She demonstrated how she obtained curlier, more defined hair when using her pH balanced products and fluffier, bigger, less defined hair when using products with a pH closer to neutral. I wanted to share her video with all of you.

Several months ago, I noticed the difference in my hair when using Kimmaytube (KT) leave-in versus DevaCare One conditioner as well. Regardless of whether I did a WnG or a twist-out, I got fluffier, bigger hair when I used DevaCare One, which I loved. However, this also meant frizzier and less-defined hair. However, I didn’t mind because it contributed to the “bigness.” And so, I kept using DevaCare as my leave-in. Plus, it meant I could be lazy and not bother with making the KT leave-in. The piper came a’calling though y’all. You see, I think the level of frizziness was progressive and cumulative! When I looked back over my WnGs over the last few months and, specifically, at the pictures where I used DevaCare One with JessiCurl Confident Coils (JC CC) versus KT leave-in with JC CC, the appearance of the style has deteriorated.

WnG w/DevaCare One (mid-July)

WnG with DevaCare One (Aug)

WnG w/DevaCare One Conditioner (Oct)

I think that my ends may have also suffered from not receiving the cuticle closing power of the pH balanced leave-in. Therefore, I am now TOTALLY sold on pH and the KT leave-in. It has officially become one of my Holy Grails. Though I may use DevaCare One on occasion, it will be with far less frequency now and KT will definitely be my primary leave-in, for loose hair as well as for my Afro Puffy Twists.


Have you experienced the Power of pH?


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      • 2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ), edible variety, whole leaf
        2 Tbsp Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner
        2 tsp jojoba oil
        2 tsp castor oil

        I modify my leave-in to reduce or eliminate the oil because it can make it to heavy for my find strands. I also use JBCO, rather than plain castor oil. The oils can be swapped out for ones that work best for you. It’s the AVJ in the recipe that pH balances the leave-in.


  1. Well, maybe your hair only has some build-up of Devacare. It’s a strong conditioner. I bet if you did a CV rinse or a low-poo washing, you hair would rock just as before.
    BTW, I’d love to see pics of your hair prior to henna applications. Can I find them in the blog?


      • Anne … OMGosh, I’m working on a post for tomorrow and thought …. someone asked about my hair pre-henna … I have to go through the comments and find that so I can post links! Glad you found the posts (you mean the 2010 hair, right? I also have a post from the year after I went natural, when my hair was a lot curlier)!! And thank you!!!


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