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The “Best Christmas EVER” Giveaway!! *CLOSED*


I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and blogs talking about these “natural” hair dolls that are being created by this natural hair group in Georgia. They are absolutely stunning and I’m loving that some enterprising women of color have figured out how to create natural hair on dolls using the same techniques we use to curl synthetic braiding hair (if you missed this, CurlyNikki shared the how-to back in July)! However, I see a lot of women commenting about how they wish that we had dolls like this when we were children. The thing is … we did! At least, I did! You see, when I was 9 years old, my sister Sheri was 8 and my  youngest sister Shana was 3, I had my Best … Christmas … EVER!!

It was about December of ’81 I guess. And, we knew that my mom had begun her Christmas shopping for us. You see, we never believed in Santa. My mom told us she wasn’t giving some fat, old guy credit for the gifts she had to buy with her hard earned money. Also, she always stressed that, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” And we were good with that, but we were still kids. So we lost our MINDS around Christmas time in anticipation of the gifts. And Sheri? She was the worst and was born nosy and sneaky!! *lol* So this particular year, she found our gifts, which wasn’t difficult because our house was small and they were on the top shelf in my parents’ bedroom closet.

We were latchkey kids and would be alone for hours after school until my parents got home from work. So … ummm … yeah, we pulled the bags out of the closet and started pulling everything out. OMGosh!!!  We pulled out three of the first “official” Black Ken dolls, the first “official” Black Barbie and a couple of Christies!

Why does Ken have more hair than Barbie?

Then, we pulled out this:

It’s the remote control ‘Vette y’all!!

We proceeded to lose our minds and scream our heads off like the kids in that BMW commercial:

We took the dolls out of the box (remember when doll weren’t packaged like gold in Fort Knox?!?) and played with them for what felt like HOURS, quickly stashing them away before my mom got home. From then until Christmas, we would play around with my mom and secretly laugh with each other when she would say that she hadn’t gotten us anything for Christmas. And, on Christmas day, we acted like we were seeing them for the first time! And, she never found out that we knew about the dolls until we finally told her in our late teens. So, not only did we find the dolls and play with the dolls, we got away with it. *sigh* Best. Christmas. EVER.

The Black Barbie and ‘Vette were for ME!!! I loved this doll!
My mom cut down the massive ‘fro of all of our Ken dolls at our request! LOL!!

So, I know you’re thinking … “What’s this got to do with a giveaway?!?!” Here’s the deal! Tell us about YOUR best Christmas ever in the comments below between now and noon next Friday, December 23rd and be entered for a chance to win a specially selected surprise gift from The Look By Joi!!

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A winner will be selected at random on Friday afternoon!!

(I really hope that you all play along! I can’t wait to read the stories!!)