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Havana Twists … #Hairgasm!!


Okay, I just found these pics and had to share. I’m salivating!! Yeah … this is gonna happen.

Afrigenix, the salon that did these, is just across the bridge in New York too?!?! Done! But, you know what? I have three more bags of Afro Puffy Twist hair and these are pretty big!!  I might try to do these jammies myself!!


Faux Bob (Video Tutorials)


I’m pulling stuff out the crates y’all!! LOL!! Really not doing much with my hair, so I started to review my old GOC blog for some fodder:)!! Anywho, this is a faux bob that I rocked on March 31st, earlier this year (I realized that I should have waited until April Fool’s day to debut this look, because it was hilarious how many people at work thought that I had cut my hair!). I used to do this in college too. I’ve always liked my hair at this length straight. It just isn’t my favorite length on my naturally curly hair. Fortunately, I’m able to achieve the look of a short style without cutting my hair!

Anywho, I create the faux bob by doing the following:

  1. Start on stretched hair (I think I did this on a TnC that was bunned for several days).
  2. Make a side part.
  3. Gather hair like I’m going to secure the ends all together in a super low ponytail (I gather the length as low down as possible, but high enough that the shorter hairs are secure and not hanging loose).
  4. Start rolling the ends under and keep rolling until hair is at nape of neck
  5. Secure roll with a couple (maybe three) bobby or doobie pins.
  6. Once the ends are secure, smooth and shape with hands, securing any stray long strands.

If you have a shorter bang or layer that hangs the length of the faux bob, this is even cuter and more convincing.

Here’s a video by Lilith Moon demonstrating another way to create a faux bob. I haven’t tried it, but I like this version too!

And here is another option that I found, ironically enough, a couple of days ago on ZanandRob.com while internet surfing! If your hair is longer or thicker, these technique may work better for you because they are based on two ponytails. This YouTuber demonstrates a few options for achieving the bob as well as different ways to wear bangs/shorter layers.

I love it with the side-swept bangs and big bow headband!

BONUS!!! This is a low manipulation, protective style because your ends are safely tucked away, safe from the elements and your clothing!


So, what do you think? Would you/have you rock(ed) a faux bob?

Super Duper Flashback Time!


My relaxed and curly days.

So, if you’ve been following Hairscapades for a while, have read my older posts here or on the NaturallyCurly.com GOC blogs, you know that I’ve been natural for 11 years. The multitude of products that exist out there now for curly hair were not even a twinkle in the eyes of all these natural and natural hair “upstart” businesses. We had limited options maaaannnnn (say that like Chris Rock;).  So, yesterday, CurlyNikki.com featured the following Curl to Curl question:

When you first started your natural journey what was the FIRST product line you used? And do you still use it?

OMGosh ya’ll, that took me back!!!! The thing is, I wore my hair curly when I was relaxed! I have mentioned this before in My HairStory, but I only self-relaxed twice a year and my hair was never bone straight. I started working out regularly the summer after my sophomore year in college and that’s when I really started struggling with keeping my hair straight. Add humid New Jersey summers to the equation, and I started to figure out how I could wear my relaxed hair curly with a couple of the right products. When I started training for competitions a few years after graduating, I gave up the battle of straightening my relaxed hair entirely and began wearing it curly consistently. Funny enough, now that I think about it, from the ages of 14 to 28, unbeknownst to me, I was constantly transitioning for 6 months only to relapse!!  LOL!! Anywho, long ramble to say that I was wearing my hair curly despite relaxing it and these are the products I used to do it!!

I had to google to remember the name of the “scrunching” spray that I used when I started wearing my hair curly!!! It was completely escaping me!!! “90s curl sprays” finally found a commercial for that which I was seeking!

LMBO!!! Yo, Pumping Curls was my junk!!!!! Drying alcohol and all!!!! LOL!!! And Frizz Ease was a Godsend!!! It de-frizzed like nobody’s business as long as you used it on dripping wet hair (which was a pain)! I would put in the FE serum first and then hit my hair with the Pumping Curls and get to SCRUNCHING!!! LOL!!! I also used my Pantene shampoos and “coney” conditioners… the “regular” line … not Relaxed & Natural. My hair never liked “ethnic” products. I finally think I figured out why last year because of CurlyNikki. Most proteins and my hair don’t agree. I always wondered why products targeted to African-American hair made my hair hard when wet and brittle and dry feeling when dry. Now I know! Because many times they are protein-laden to restore hair damaged and destroyed by chemicals. Anywho, ‘dem silicones in Frizz Ease and Pantene did a sister’s curls good!!! LOL! What you don’t know can’t hurt ya! (Well, it can, but ya’ll know what I’m saying;)! Alas, Pumping Curls went the way of the dodo bird. But John Frieda is still going strong! He just doesn’t have a monopoly on the curly hair demographic anymore. Rather, there’s one million times the competition, a demographic that clamors for all-natural and organic lines, as well as about 500 home grown mixtresses blazing trails into the rapidly expanding market !! John Frieda was one of the few lines that existed over a decade ago to give us an option for wearing our hair gorgeously curly (instead of making it seem like the only choice was beating it into straight submission). However, now Frizz Ease has been pushed to the periphery. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see John Frieda reinvent the line with new silicone, sulfate and paraben free formulas;)!

(p.s. We’ll have to talk about my gel/grease WnG combo when I went fully natural another time. ;))


How long ago did you transition to natural? What products did you use when you did? Which ones, if any, do you still use?