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November GOC Update: Marsha


by Marsha of Hairology

Well, I haven’t done a post in a while for the simple fact that I have been up to nothing much. I have been wearing my hair the majority of the days in my infamous banana clip bun. My hair care regimen has been oh so simple. I add moisture every day, shampooing and doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week. I took pictures of any new hairstyles that I tried in the last few weeks. I am not sure if my hair has grown much, however it seems healthier.

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Doris New York Perfect Twist Duo Giveaway! *CLOSED*


Ahhh, you thought I forgot about this month’s giveaway, didn’t you ;)? So, what do I have for you this month? Well, from now until January 11, 2012, you have the opportunity to win one of two Doris New York Perfect Twist Duos! What’s a Perfect Twist Duo you ask? It’s a full size Doris New York Leave-In Conditioner and Olive Oil Cream! I’ve only used the leave-in one time, but it immediately smoothed and moisturized my curls! And the Olive Oil Cream? LOVE IT!! It’s very moisturizing, without being heavy or greasy, and a little goes a long way.

So, what do you have to do to earn a chance to win???

  1. Like the Hairscapades Facebook page;
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  3. On the DorisNY page, tag Hairscapades by writing “@Hairscapades, I want the Doris NY Perfect Twist Duo!” on the wall.


  1. Follow @Hairscapades on Twitter.
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Do both and earn TWO chances to win! All followers, old and new, are eligible! Just make sure that you write and/or tweet the sentences listed above to enter!

So … what are you waiting for?! 😉

Uneventful Hair Weekend … Yea!!


Wow, I’m at a loss. Y’all pretty much know what I was up to last week … and this weekend was uneventful as it relates to hair. I didn’t do much with it other than put it into several large twists bound together at the ends with a Goody Ouchless elastic like I did here:

You see, I was going out to play two-hand tag football with friends on Saturday, so I needed it out of the way. It was chillll-eeeeeee, so I threw on my satin-lined Threadmill hat for good measure and hit the field. The last time that I played football, I was in middle school and got hit in the face with the ball, which broke my glasses. The lens popped right out of the frame. On Saturday, I got hit in the face with the ball again. No glasses this time though (thank goodness for contacts!). Oh, and the other difference from my football outing of 25+ years ago? I scored THREE touchdowns!! Wooh-hooh! LOL!

But goodness, let me tell you, football kicked my butt! I am still sore and stiff as all get out a day later! I passed out for several hours (after taking a couple ibuprofen) when I got home. I was trying to recuperate from the physically draining three hours on the “field” (i.e. the front lawn of my friend’s neighboring middle school). Later that evening, Wei and I hung out with several of the same friends at a local pub/restaurant, so I released the twists to wear them down. I sealed with some Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade (hmmm, love the smell) and massaged my scalp with a little of my essential oil mix and we hit the street! Needless to say, that comprised the whole of my Saturday and I spent Sunday fiddling around online, watching TV and working up a few posts for this week as my body continued its effort to recover.

As to the hair, being able to essentially do nothing with it and still look good is the reason I got the twists. I am loving the ease, look and versatility of this protective style. Come Tuesday, it will be two weeks since I got them done. I probably should have washed my hair this weekend, so that I wouldn’t need to do it during the week or wait until next weekend. Right now, those are my only options as it’s currently Sunday night and I have neither desire nor plans to do it tonight. So, I’ll have to regal you all with the story of my first wash day in Afro Puffy Twists at some later date.

Welp, that’s it for me. What did you guys do this weekend?