Afro Twists Cinnabun & Tube Dresses at Work


Told you that I’m loving the versatility of these twists:)! So, this was my look on Wednesday. I gathered my hair into a crown level ponytail using a Goody Ouchless elastic. As the twists are so thick, I didn’t wrap it at all. I started at the top middle of my hair and gathered a section of twists (maybe about 16-20?) and twisted them together. Next, I pin-curled the big twist with a hair pin. Then, I repeated the process all around the perimeter, leaving some twists in the middle section so that I could also form big pin-curl to fill out the twisted “cinnabun.” Finally, I adorned with the same red flower hair clips I used the prior day. The whole style took about 8 minutes to do. I didn’t have to use an excessive amount of hair or bobby pins and the hair is so light, it didn’t give me a headache or make my head feel heavy like I’ve experienced with braided extensions in the past.

Here are additional pics of the completed style.

I plan on doing a video tutorial for this one soon, if it seems like you guys are interested. So, let me know!

Okay, now onto my fashion tip of the week: wearing tube dresses at work. I picked up this red pocketed tube dress by Express at Marshall’s a couple of years ago for $16.99. I never got around to wearing it, but decided to pull it out today for work. A tube dress at work?!?!  Yes! There are a few very easy ways to wear a tube dress in a professional environment.

  • Wear a straight tube skirt as a long skirt, paired with a complimentary top.
  • Disguise with a cardigan (short or long), cardigan set or blazer.
  • For a more edgy but still put together look, layer over a button down shirt or a turtleneck and cinch the waist with a wide belt.

Found another illustration of this combo on Polyvore! I swear that I didn’t see this first! *lol*


Have you worn a tube dress to work? If not, would/could you? How do you make it office-worthy?

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  1. I’m sooooo far behind on blogs because ive been sick but girrrrrrl your hair is fierce!!! I want this in my life lol and this fashion combo… Yes please!!! I’m gonna look for a similar get up like this, I know the fiance would LOVE it!


    • Hahaha, GG, you’re silly ;)!!

      Hey Miss Leah:)! Oooh, I know about being sick for a long time Hope that you are feeling better and thank you! You better post some pics if you do!


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