November GOC Update: Charelle


by Charelle (Tenth Wave) of the newly created blog, CandyCurl


November was a month of protective styling and low manipulation for me. I did some mini twists and left them in for two weeks. This was a real accomplishment for me, because I don’t remember the last time that I went more than a week without washing my hair. It usually gets VERY itchy two or three days after my last shampoo. When I finally took the twists out, I wore a twist out for two days. I liked the twists overall, but it left some of my hair tangled, so I had to be very careful about taking them out. I would definitely do them again.

I’ve gone another month without straightening my hair, yippee!!! Initially, I planned to straighten my hair every two months during the challenge, which I thought was reasonable since I’d been straightening about once a month since April, before which I was straightening once a week. However, I’ve seen how much my hair has thrived without heat and I feel like I can definitely go longer. I want to retain as much length as possible!!! So my new goal is to make it to the end of the challenge without straightening! Now, straightening will be a reward, instead of part of my regimen.

I also finally made my “grow-out t-shirt” this month. It was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be and I was very excited once it was done.

Lastly, I’ve been experimenting with some products this month. I used the ApHogee Keratin 2 Min Reconstructor, because it had been sitting in my bathroom for months (it belonged to my roommate) and it was highly recommended by Shelli, so I gave it a whirl. Definitely a great product, I use it now every two weeks. I also have been using the ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer. It’s a leave-in spray that you can use on wet or dry hair to reduce breakage. I love this product and highly recommend it! I also made my Kimmaytube leave-in this month, and it was wonderful! I used 2 tbs of DevaCurl One, 2 tbsp of Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil, 2 tbsp of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and 2 tbsp of Vitamin Shoppe Aloe Vera Juice (whole leaf). It’s so moisturizing, my life has changed forever, that is some good ish! I also made a shea butter mix with coconut oil and olive oil and I’m loving that too! November was definitely a breakthrough month and I think I’m done with buying new products (for now)!


Another month of no gym. Yes, I’m very ashamed! But I’ve been eating well! So, once again, I’ll try next month to get back to working out, or at least go to yoga or something!


Your bun is looking fab and loving the big hair and voluptuous lips in the last pic! Also, it’s really awesome reading how you are trying new things and experiencing success! It’s not about you wearing mini-twists for two weeks or not straightening your hair for several months. It’s that you thought you couldn’t do these things and you are discovering that you can push yourself beyond pre-conceived limitations! That’s what I think is so important here. It’s not the hairstyles that are meaningful per se, it’s the process that is helping you achieve your goals and inspiring you to set more. Well done lady! 

What things have you done since you began your natural hair journey that you didn’t think were previously possible? What have you learned about yourself in the process?

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