My Winter Afro Puffy Twists Regimen


First things first, last week was horrendous for me diet wise. I was very stressed and I allowed it to cause me to stress eat, resulting in multiple fast food meals despite the fact that I re-stocked on my Lean Cuisines, fresh fruit, frozen veggies and yogurt last week. I also was drinking several cups of coffee and not enough water and failed to exercise, yet again. Finally, for the first time since December of last year, I went to bed without taking my vitamins/supplements … and, on multiple occasions (maybe 3)!! This cannot continue as it has an impact on my energy levels, feeling of well-being and my hair! So, Sunday morning, I went to hot yoga and am going again tonight. I was on the floor half of the class, but it was better to be there sweating and doing half the class than sitting on my butt at home. So, time to get back to The Rules.

On to hair. Okay y’all, I have some serious HIH (Hands in Hair) syndrome since I got these twists!! I keep wanting to play in them and try different styles!

Me likey, but NO BUENO! LOL! So, anyway, I love them and I also received a lot of compliments at work! Everyone is stunned by how light, soft and fluffy they are despite looking thick and heavy. I would definitely recommend this hair to anyone contemplating getting “kinky” twists. At $10 a pop, it is a lot more expensive than the Marley braid or kanekalon hair that you can probably get for as low as a $1.50 a bag. However, for me, it was worth it as they are so natural looking and light and don’t make my head hurt from the weight.

So, about my regimen, of course it has to be altered for the two months that I have these twists. I quickly realized last week that I must not forget that my hair, though somewhat protected, is in these twists. Therefore, I must handle them with the same care that I would if they were just my hair. I was finger combing through the twists after spritzing with Sally’s GVP Infusium 23 and feeling/hearing the individual strands pulling and tearing apart. Though I suspect that a lot of that was the synthetic hair, I really can’t tell the difference between it and the real deal. So, I knew I needed to start being far more gentle or risk the very manipulation damage that I got the twists to avoid.

My plan for my twist regimen is as follows:

  • Shampoo with a diluted shampoo (bi-weekly). I think that I’ll be revisiting the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention shampoo for this.
  • Use cotton swabs and witch hazel to cleanse scalp in between wash sessions, as needed (this will be based upon how my scalp feels and how often I’m doing hot yoga). For hot yoga on Sunday, I placed my hair in 7 twists, secured the ends to the crown of my head with mini jaw clips and then donned my Dri Sweat Edge headband. This worked well to keep the twists off of my neck and face, but kept the hair flat enough for me to lay on my back comfortably (even though it may not look like it ;)).
  • Deep condition with heat (bi-weekly).
  • Apply Kimmaytube leave-in conditioner (original recipe, with JBCO instead of regular castor oil) after thoroughly rinsing shampoo.
  • Seal with EVOO or EVOO/JBCO mix.
  • Moisturize with diluted Kimmaytube leave-in using a spray bottle and seal with EVOO or EVOO/JBCO mix (as needed, every 2-3 days).
  • Apply and massage essential oil mix into scalp (daily).
  • I just got my heat wrap from Curlmart last week and used it for about 20 minutes after moisturizing the twists and oiling my scalp to help the oil penetrate. I really liked that and think I may do it once a week.
  • Protect with satin pocket bonnet at bedtime.

So, that’s the plan. I was going to use the African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray, which I got as a freebie earlier in the year, as a daily moisturizer. It would have been cheaper and easier than the Kimmaytube leave-in. However, glycerine is the third ingredient, so that’s a no-go for winter. I may look around for another daily moisturizer and the regular African Pride Braid Sheen Spray may have potential. It has glycerine in it, but way down on the list of ingredients. The thing is, I’d like to use natural products and may try the Aloe Gro recipe that Her Best Hair posted about here. I read about this moisturizer on her site last year, but hadn’t gotten around to buying the EOs (sage, eucalyptus and peppermint) to try it. So, I may hit up out my local natural food store this weekend to see if they have these EOs and give it a whirl.


Welp, that’s it on the homefront. What’s up with you guys? Anything new? Sticking with the tried and true? I’d love to hear from all of you! 

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  1. The styles are absolutely gorgeous…. I have been slacking too… I’m hitting the supermarket and the treadmill early today!… I ran out of everything… and I think I worked out once last week… Ayos mio… Back on tha grind! Love the hair though… Very creative


    • Awww, thanks Petra! And one week? That’s nothing;)! I’ve been slacking for 1 1/2 months! Well, here’s to being back on the wagon! I’m sitting in the car in front of my hot yoga studio as I type! They haven’t unlocked doors for 5:30 class yet!


  2. I love the style with the 2 loose pieces hanging in the front. Now, you know you have to update after you wash? I want to know if they got a little fuzzy and if not, what did you do to prevent it 🙂

    I got up this morning and defined my hair with conditioner. I can’t believe that it’s gotten so thick then again it may be that because it’s growing down, it appears it’s filling in. if it weren’t for my lead hair, my overall length would be closer to 10/11 inches.


  3. First of all, they look great but I must say good job on your ability to keep it in for two months. I always get so antsy. A friend wants to put in a weave for me this week, we’ll see how long that lasts. I’ve heard a lot about Juices and Berries from (?) as a really good daily moisturizer. Have you tried it?


    • Thank you! I will probably get antsy at about 4 weeks. That’s when I’ll have the “halo” redone though. So, will still try to make it to 8 weeks, 6 at the least. You’re talking about Oyin Handmade. I have some J & B under the sink, but that’s glycerine heavy too of I remember correctly. I’ll have to check the bottle when I get home.


  4. Googled Nafy puffy twist as I’m in desperate need of something to do with my hair this month and I must say that first I love your blog!!! & secondly your hair looks absolutely beautiful!!! I had the kinky twist with the Marly Braid for about a month. It was beautiful and currently I have in micro braids as it too cold for me to do wash & go’s & twist outs are way 2 time consuming! I’d love to chat with you over the phone. I need to know wether or not this is the nafy hair, how long did it take you to do, who did it? & which Fb supplier did u purchase from? How many packs did u use?I’m going crazy searching for this hair. I live in NYC & would lOve to get them done as early at this week!! Thanku! Also befriend me on Fb : Judith Jae Nicolas & my YouTube channel is :EatPrayDance. Smooches


  5. Where do they sell this hair in that long length that you have? The hair that is advertised on the site seems like it is only about shoulder length.


    • Hi Brittany, no it’s the same hair. It’s about 18 inches. They did have to add a little more at the ends to make it cover my hair. But, it really was almost the same length as my hair. Disclaimer though … I’m having a horrible time removing it now. I posted about it on my FB wall. 5 1/2 hours last night and I’m not even halfway done:(!! I think it would be fine for shorter hair. But given that my hair is the same length as the twists and she twisted the two sections a little (with my hair contained therein) before twisting the two pieces together, my hair is all ensnared/enmeshed with the extension hair. I can’t differentiate between the two. I LOVE these twists so much, but the dream has turned into a nightmare with the take down:(.


  6. Thanks for replying. I want to try this hair if I decide to get some twists. The regular marley hair is heavy to me so I would love to try something different that would be softer. My hair is only about neck length, but I don’t do well with heavy braids. I hate that you’re having trouble taking them down now. Good luck with the rest of the take down.


    • Yes, this hair is very light IMO. I really loved it so much. I think the problem was the way that it was installed and the fact that my hair was the full length of the twists. If whoever does your hair doesn’t roll your hair up in the hair and/or doesn’t put your hair in all three sections of the braid that starts the twists or just starts with a twist, you may not have this problem. I haven’t found anyone else who complained of this, including a co-worker who goes to the same braiding salon as me. As to me, I survived … just didn’t expect to spend 20 hours over 3 days taking out twists!! But thank you:).


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