Prepare to be Inspired!


Four post in one day?!?! Unheard of!! LOL!! I had to do it, because I came across this video this morning while web surfing and had to share it with you guys. It’s so inspiring! I hope that anyone who is struggling with their hair now will be inspired and know that it’s possible to overcome damage that seems insurmountable with the proper care, patience, consistency and diligence. I hope that my hair looks this great when I eventually do a press and curl!

Well, without further ado, enjoy and be inspired!


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  1. Very inspirational. I wonder how often she flat irons and blow dries. It seems often but also it appears she doesn’t have fine strands so perhaps she can heat style more often.


    • I didn’t think so based upon the video. I just assumed once a year. Did you look at some of her other videos and think so? If she does, then you are probably right.


    • I realized what you meant when I watched it again. It seemed she straightened every couple of months at least in the earlier segments, but from 2009 to present, it looked like not as many times?


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