Now Arriving: Afro Puffy Twists!


Okay, just doing this really quick post to share my new hair with you! I LOVE it!! In my opinion, the hair is soft, flexible and light when compared to other synthetic braiding/twisting hair and it should only get fluffier and more natural looking the older it gets. When I got home, I spritzed the twists with Sally’s GVP Infusium 23 leave-in, sealed with EVOO and applied my EO mix to my scalp around the cornrows and crown. I am already playing around with different styles and can’t wait to see what else I can come up with! It is sooooo on!

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As to my experience at Braids ‘R Us in Maplewood, NJ? EXCELLENT! Maza (sp?) was my braider and she was very gentle with my hair, didn’t braid too tightly and did exactly as I requested in regard to cornrowing my fine edges. I brought my shower comb with me and combed through my hair before we began and Maza didn’t comb through my hair at all, she simply parted it to form the sections. If she ever snared or tugged a strand (which was rare, maybe 4-5 times during the entire process), she quickly apologized and gentled her touch. The style cost $140 ($160 with tip), took about 7 1/2 hours to complete (due to the length of my hair) and two bags of the Nafy Collection Afro Puffy Twist hair (which I purchased online and brought with me). I do wish that my hair was a little more moisturized. So, in the future, I will add a moisturizing oil, like coconut or Vatika, to my hair while it is still wet, prior to blow drying. In this way, my hair should be more moisturized without being “producty.” If I was flat-ironing, I might visit grapeseed oil or try the rest of MopTopMaven’s Flat Ironing Cocktail;). Back to Braids R’ Us though, it was really good experience and reaffirmed why I went there years ago and referred others to the salon! It is a little more pricey than some braiding parlors in northern NJ, but I believe it is totally worth it for the care given to my strands and the final results.

So yup … I’m a happy camper:)! I plan on trying to keep these in until the end of our GOC at the end of January, so 8 weeks. I hope that I can hold out that long as I usually get antsy around 4 weeks and remove extensions at about 6. So, we’ll see.

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  1. So cuuuuute! How long are you leaving it in? it looks tight on the edges is it? I’d love to do a protective style I don’t need to work with for weeks. I’d come all the way to NJ if it meant there’s a place that doesn’t pull my edges too tight.


    • You didn’t read it all, did you;)? I know, I know, I “talk” a lot. LOL! Check out the last sentence;). 6-8 weeks hopefully:). As to the edges … the very top cornrows felt a little tight … but, as she was doing it, she told me, “Tell me if it’s too tight.” So, she would have done it looser, but I didn’t say anything. It didn’t really feel too tight until I tried to frown! LOL! That’s why I oiled my scalp when I got home, to loosen it up a little … and it worked, the next morning, it felt looser and now it feels completely fine (I oiled it in the morning yesterday and when I got home as well).


  2. I have to admit, I didn’t know what Afro puffy twists were, which was one of the reasons I was so excited to see the pics! And now that I’ve seen them, I love them!! How long can you rock this look? Is it all your hair? I’m sorry, this style is completely new to me so I want to learn more about it.


    • Hey FHG!

      Okay, I’m going to say what I said to Michelle above, you didn’t read it all again, did you;)? LOL!! I’m going for 6-8 weeks like I said at the end of the post;). And, “all my hair?!?” I WISH!! LOL!! In the second paragraph, I referenced the hair used (Nafy collection Afro Puffy Twists). I did a post on it some time ago, here’s the link if you’re interested (you have to scroll down to the part where I write about the hair, and there is another link to an August post, when I first decided to try these):

      But, with your lush looking hair, it looks like you could TOTALLY do this without the added hair. My hair is dense, but fine, so it compresses and my twists would be all anorexic looking and scalpy if I tried to do this on my own hair! Also, there would be no way that the ends would hold and it wouldn’t last beyond a week.


    • Exactly! Though, I’ve learned already that I need to remember that my hair is in these twists (and almost the full length, she had to add hair as she got to the bottom of each twist with the initial hair in order to cover my hair). So, there is still a need to treat them gently. I’ll be doing a post on my maintenance routine and plans soon:).


    • Not totally clear on the style … get the sections knotting together from left and right (like Helena did with her dreads … I actually did that with two sections that first night too … I didn’t post everything I tried). But, don’t get the knotting each section to the section underneath it.


  3. Ahhhh sorry my dear so I didn’t see this post as I’m viewing your page for the first time and excitedly overwhelmed by all there is to take in. So you answered a majority of my questions. Thanku!! Any others pla answer. Ummm would you happens to have any hair left and can I but it from u I’d really like to get my hair done this weekend


  4. I am interested in getting this style but I have only been able to find the short Afro Puffy Twist hair. Did they add extra hair for the length in your twists, or were you able to find hair that was longer than the standard?


    • Tika, the hair I used is in the link in the comments above. It looks short in the bag, but that is the same hair I used. But yes, they did add extra hair to the ends to cover my hair and achieve the length of the twists.


  5. I love the style and i love the softness of the hair, but is the hair only for twists? can i get my hair braided with this hair also


    • Hi China! I don’t think that it’s only for twists, though I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone use it for braids. You may want to search YouTube to see if you can find anyone who has used it for braids and see if you like the look. Good luck!


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