October GOC Update: Taylor


Okay, can you say stunning?! Taylor (Second Wave) didn’t reveal her “gorgeosity” to us in her original GOC submission pics. So, imagine my surprise when I opened her first update to find this beautiful smile and head of hair staring me in the face!


New cut!

Hey, Taylor here.

Wow, has it really been three months already? Sheesh!

So, let me break down the last three months right quick. Shortly after starting the GOC, I was convinced that I started to see a lot of short, broken hairs while washing and styling and had deemed my hair un-workable for the moment and decided to get my hair braided (singles, box braids, whatever you like to call them). I had those in for about 6 or 7 weeks.


Box braids

Upon taking the braids out, the growth looked really awkward with my hair being two different lengths from me growing out my mohawk. So, just recently, I cut it a little … Aaah!

Being a little short of funds, I took a trip to my local Super Cuts for the cut. Needless to say, the little Cambodian woman knew nothing about cutting natural African-American hair! It’s not like I’m a cosmetologist or anything, but her technique was all wrong to me . So, I left out of there with about 3 to 4 inches cut off the top, where a lot of damage and awkward length was, and about 2 inches off the back, where it was longer also, and a trim on the shortest length. I like it though, so it’s not totally ruined.

My routine hasn’t changed much. Products are pretty much the same also:

  • I still wash/condition/DC weekly with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa, Aussie Moist  and generic brand Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm.
  • Leave-in: Kimmaytube’s recipe
  • Seal: coconut oil
  • I will be doing a henna treatments monthly (I have done 4 already)
  • Still have not found a protein to use.

Sorry, I don’t really have comparison photos right now because of the hair cut. I don’t think I will do an official one until the end of the challenge to surprise myself *haha*.

I hope that all the other GOCers are having just as much fun as I am! We’re halfway there ladies, let’s finish with a BANG!

Perm rod set, pre-haircut


Love, Love, LOVE your new cut Taylor!  OMGosh! If that woman didn’t know what she was doing, you sure could have fooled me!!

So, it seems salon visits are the topic of the week as I received three e-mails this week about them! I feel a post coming!! 


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  1. gorgeous girl. I too went for a ‘trim’ this past month and came away with 4 inches less hair all round but the cut has grown on me and the hair is much fuller than before.


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