Weddings, Sleep and Research


Yeah man … I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now and was up way too late for far too many nights last week. It finally took its toll. Now mind you, I can sleep anywhere, anytime. It’s a Gillis family trait. We are professional sleepers. I’ve fallen asleep at concerts (Wynton Marsalis called me out at McCarter Theatre my senior year in college), in clubs with music blaring (at Wei’s 39th birthday party, I fell asleep on a couch on stage behind the band) and at HBCU Homecoming football games:

Why does he keep playing me out like this?!? *lol*

Yup. That’s how I get down! Anywho, I had a very nice time at my friend’s wedding reception on Friday, despite appearances to the contrary. Part of the fun? Having two very nice young ladies at my table who wanted to talk natural hair care!! LOL! Wei told me I wasn’t allowed to talk about work as several of my co-workers were in attendance. When I started talking hair, he said that was like work too ;). I told him, “Nuh-uh” and resumed the discussion on favorite products and PJism.

Anywho, I’m sitting here with slightly damp twists after a wash day using my newest acquisitions, the Doris New York Hair Care Line. A preliminary review of the Reconstructor Shampoo and Mud Minerals Pack Treatment will follow later this week. Since my hair hasn’t dried yet, I don’t want to be premature in giving my thoughts. However, I used the Olive Oil cream all last week and the leave-in on my prior wash day and those both worked very well. I used both again this wash day, so I’ll write more about them in the impending review as well.

On another note, I wore my hair down three days last week!! I KNOW!!! LOL! Since the excessive shedding is no longer an issue, it wasn’t driving me batty wearing it down. Also, I kind of wanted to enjoy it for a few days since I know that I’ll be in a protective style for 6-8 weeks very soon. However, I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of Afro puffy twists! I really can’t wait to get my hair done now and just have to decide on exactly when I’m doing it! I’ll probably go one day in the first week of December. That is what the “Research” in the title is referencing! I’ve been online searching for information on maintenance and styling. Because, don’t get it twisted (Get it? *lol*), I will continue to wash and deep condition my hair every week to two weeks and will be moisturizing and sealing every couple of days. Don’t think that I’ll be sleeping on styling either … I may sleep on something else, but not that! Ha! LOL! Okay, I’m done now, I promise. So, yeah, I was searching on YouTube and found a video where a young woman with twists recommended loc videos, in particular BronzeGoddess01, for styling ideas. I watched a couple videos and they got me even more amped as I’ll get to play around with some styles that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish with my own skimpy twists!

I also really want to try a modification of the style that the model was rocking in this video that I posted on Saturday. So yeah, the twists will be debuting soon! Can’t wait! I think that I’m going to “blow out” my own hair using the tension method after first stretching it with twists or a flexi set. I plan on following the first two steps in CurlyNikki’s flat ironing tips, which were in her article,  Straightening Natural Hair. I read that grapeseed oil is a good heat protectant and I remembered that I have some ElastaQP Silk Thermal Designing Liquid under the sink when I hit Sally’s on Sunday. So, I think that I’m going to apply the oil first, then the heat protectant and set in twists until mostly dry. Then, I’ll use the tension method to finish stretching my hair. I want to go to the braiding studio with my hair as prepped as possible to avoid having someone go through my wet, curly hair with a fine tooth comb from root to tip. I already know that I’m probably going to have to be very firm in regard to telling them what I want and ensuring that my hair isn’t braided/twisted too tightly. At least this will be one thing about which I won’t have to worry!

Oh, and on a final note, I  hit Sally’s to use a 15% off coupon I earned with my Rewards card. Being the frugal individual that I am ;), I returned and repurchased the Gold ‘N Hot Bonnet Dryer that I bought in October so that I could save a few bucks! I also got some more purple flexi rods so that I can eventually try a full head set with them. Finally, I picked up some ORS Olive Oil Edge Control. I heard about this some time ago and remember reading that it worked pretty well. Any reviews ladies? Does it really keep the edges controlled?


How was your weekend? Try anything new? Stick with the tried and true? It’s Sharing Time ;)!!!

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    • I’ve had to pull over into a parking lot to take a power nap more often than I’d like Marsha!! I do get road hypnosis very easily and have to fight falling asleep. Again, family trait!! We were conditioned as children to go to sleep when we hit the car (because we’d take these long 8 hour road trips to VA to visit my grandparents a couple of times a year). So, it doesn’t make a difference riding or driving, falling asleep is instinctual!! But, again, I’ll pull off to a parking lot or will grab a coffee because falling asleep driving terrifies me! Oh, and I’ve done that too (fall asleep in the club besides the speakers … sounds like your friend and I are kindred spirits;)!


  1. I LOVE sleeping and too have the uncanny ability to do it anywhere. I personally blame the low blood pressure I was born with. Those lock styles are looking hecka cute! I just put braids extensions in my hair and will have to try a couple of those. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried and I think it turned out pretty good! Would you ever consider just skipping the braid studio and trying to do it yourself? It saves a bunch of money (Mine only cost me about $10 for the hair) and if you have the time it’s a pretty good experience and you don’t have to worry about anyone pulling your hair too tight or handling it roughly (and it’s good time for a movie marathon). There are pretty good tutorials on youtube!


    • Hey Tai! Nawwwwhhhhh … I toyed with the idea of trying to do them myself … but the parting, the fighting with the hair …. the hour upon hour of twisting and sore shoulders? I think that it’s worth it to pay someone else to do it! LOL!! But, what I think I can handle is if some come loose and need to be redone or I want to redo my edges, I can do that myself. It really is trying to figure out what outweighs the other here … the effort of doing them myself and the costs or the risk of someone being rough on my hair and the money … as I’m not too much of a wilting flower when it comes to how I expect someone to handle my hair and will walk out if they don’t listen to me, I’m going with the latter risk this time. You’ll read how that worked out for me soon;)!! LOL!


    • Uh, Tiffany, falling asleep at a business meeting IS worse!! LOL!! I messed with No Doze back in college when I was trying to pull all nighters … that didn’t keep me awake for long either!! LOL!!


  2. I fell out once in a business meeting…lucky for me I was in the back and my girlfriend nudged me! I burn the candle at all ends so any chance I get to grab a few Z’s I do…I have fallen asleep at the movies, at concerts, in clubs, at a late nite/early morning after the club bfast….and the list goes on! The wedding pic=adorable!


    • Okay, can I just tell y’all that I’m loving that I’m not alone on this!! LOL!!! I get made fun of all the time for falling asleep after 10 pm … shoot, at the wedding, it was probably around 8:30 (but I’d been up to midnight or later for several nights prior)! So, thank you for letting me know that there are others like me out there … The Narcoleptic Avengers Assemble!! LOL!! And thanks Etoile:). I did think it was a cute pic … I’m not drooling and my mouth isn’t hanging open. Good day.


    • LOL! Thank you Taravalo. I try not to let stress get to me too much, though it does at times. However, my reaction to stress IS to sleep! I’m an escapist when it comes to dealing with stress and sadness, I sleep to rest from it! LOL! So, that’s a good thing it seems as many can’t sleep when they stress, which leads to increased feelings of stress!


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