Convertible Dress and Braided Updo


I needed to figure out how to wrap my RaVon convertible dress into a strapless style last night for my friend’s wedding, so I hit YouTube of course. This morning, hopped on my computer and I still had that YouTube video up, but it had links for other similar videos in the window. So, I clicked the one below in curiosity. The dress is cute and I love that it is reversible, but check out her hair!! I’m feeling this braided updo!! I can’t wait to get twists because I think I could do something like this by braiding the twists together and strategically pinning. You can’t see the style entirely, but pretty sure I could fake a reasonable facsimile!!

What do you think?


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  1. I think I want this dress LOL. The fact that it’s not clingy around the belly is a bonus. I think I could confidently wear this.

    As for the hairstyle, I love it too. I wish I could see it closer. I’m going to ask her to do a tutorial lol


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