Miss Jessie’s BOGO Sale at Target


I’m not a fan of Miss Jessie’s products. I used them a few years ago and, though they seemed great at first, after a couple of months I realized that the health of my hair was deteriorating. It only ever felt soft and moisturized the day I applied the product (I started with the Baby ButterCreme and then moved to the Curly Meringue). So, I was re-wetting my WnG and applying additional product daily and it also made my hair feel kind of sticky/tacky. However, the worse of it was that when I washed my hair, it felt stripped, dry and brittle. My naked hair was feeling damaged. I was co-washing weekly and using DevaCare No Poo once a month probably. So, it definitely wasn’t related to using a sulfate shampoo. Anywho, all this to say that I’m not sharing this because I recommend or co-sign on these products. However, some people love Miss Jessie’s and I know others may want to experiment with them. As they are very pricey (excessively so, IMHO), wanted to let you all know about this BOGO sale so that those who need to re-up can do so for half the price and those who want to try them may be able to get some of the smaller sizes in order to experiment.

So yeah, if Miss Jessie’s is your thing or you’re wondering if it might be, go for yours ;)!


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  1. I ordered the Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed condish based on Shelli’s recommendation. I also ordered – Ellucense Moisture Benefits shampoo AND conditioner, 2 liter pumps, Jessicurl Weekly Deep Condish and Karen’s Botanicals Ambrosia Leave-In. I now realize that I really need some type of curl butter for twists…I’m all out. I previously ordered the Curls Souffle based on Nikki’s recommendation. I finished the container, but dont plan to re-up. So….What are your recommendations, ladies? What product(s) are you using to provide moisture and some hold to your twists?


  2. Twist outs…..I have to retwist my hair everynight. Most times it goes right back up in a bun or that cool *pin under pseudo bob* style you sent me. Either way, my hair requires daily moisture. Currently, I am wearing it tension blow dried but put up in a bun.


    • Okay, that’s what I thought. So, you know me, I’d recommend Wonder Curl Butter Than Love. To get a little more hold, you can mix a little gel with it. Something more easily accessible and reasonably priced is the SheaMoisture milks and smoothies. I got nice results with the milk applied first, then the smoothie.


  3. Okay — thanks. I can’t get past shipping costs. I just can’t….so, I will try the SheaMoisture milk and smoothie. I’ve heard good things. Will report back.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shelli!


    • Thanks Rhonda:)! Hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving too! As to the shipping costs, girl, I know. I totally understand. She does do free shipping promotions sometimes and is doing one right now. But, you have to order $50 worth of products to qualify. So, since you’re just experimenting and not sold on the product, you wouldn’t be spending that much, most likely. But, just for future reference, wanted you to know you should check out the site from time to time because Scarlett does provide free shipping promotions sometimes. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your results!


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