Big Hair and Ties


The same thing we do every night Pinky, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Yeah, this is just a quick post to share my big hair after I … *gasp* …. BRUSHED it!  LOL! It was very stretched this week and since it is also feeling so much more resilient since my protein treatments, I pushed trepidation to the side and did it! Mind you, I did it in sections (about 6 total) and used a vent brush to carefully brush from the ends to the roots, finger detangling each area first to eliminate any major snags/tangles.

Then, I placed my dry hair in 5 braids (1 on each side and 3 down the back), spritzed with a little water and sealed with Doris New York Olive Oil cream. The next morning I released for a big, loose braid out, which just got progressively bigger throughout the day as it was raining and humid. I could feel it growing and eventually made it to the ladies’ room to confirm my suspicions. LOL!! But, I love big hair, so I didn’t really mind. A few people commented and complimented me on it as I almost never wear my hair down at work anymore. I did one day a couple of weeks ago and put it up within a half hour of getting in the door, because it was shedding like crazy. But again, I see suuuuch a difference since my two ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor treatments. Maybe I pulled out one or two strands all day?! And again, I know that there is no scientific evidence to support this (or none that I can find … so far ;)), but I know what I was seeing then and what I’m seeing now. I’ve been breathing a massive sigh of relief, that’s for sure.

But yeah, I didn’t take any real shots of my post-release hair. All I took was this one in the morning. I had smoothed my edges with a shea butter and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel mix and tied them down with a satin scarf that I kept on until I got to work.

I wasn’t really taking this pic for my hair though (obviously ;)). I wanted to do another fashion-related post and this will be it, albeit a very short one! Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of winter or the cold. However, there are three things that I love about this weather and they are all fashion related: layering, tights and boots! With this outfit, I got to play around with layering inspired by menswear. I love wearing ties and have accumulated a few from  … guess where? That’s right, thrift stores!! So here, I layered the tie and button-down shirt under a low scoop neck sweater vest and blazer (this is a brown suit I picked up from H&M years ago). I find that a round-neck vests add a little femininity to a more masculine outfit by softening the hard, straight edges of the crisp, tailored pieces. However, V-neck vests work as well. I did wish that I had a sweater vest that was a little more chocolate in color as the brown of it and the suit didn’t match (the suit is a cool brown whereas the vest is a warm one) … but, I kind of think it still worked in a tone-on-tone way with the blazer, vest and tie all having various shades of brown and the olive-colored stripe in the tie mirroring the olive-brown of the vest.

This isn't the best of shirts for a tie, but it worked okay.

So yeah, just figured I’d share this little “accessory” as you don’t often see women rocking ties in every day life or the workplace. However, it’s a look that I love because it  stands out and makes a fashion statement, while still being professional and classic.

Finally, I’ll make a recommendation for those of you who love clothes but want some tips to help maximize your wardrobe. The Lucky Shopping Manual is fantastic and absolutely invaluable!! It provides tips on building and improving one’s wardrobe and is great for styling ideas. I bought it in 2004 and gave it to several friends as a Christmas gift that year (I was a Lucky mag subscriber and devotee back then. Now? Not so much. It’s really fallen off over the last several years.). Anywho, my well-worn copy sits on the ottoman in my living room and I refer to it when I need styling inspiration. In fact, it’s about time to dust it off to give it some action!!

Next time, I’ll share how to easily take that summer skirt/dress that you love into winter without freezing to death or looking silly!


What do you love the most about winter fashion?

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  1. I know this is a little off topic but boy do I love your outfit. It works, well. If you are the Brain, than where is that Pinky!?!?!?!?! LOL!!!!!!

    I love the warm cozy sweaters that I just melt into for the winter!!!! Scarves are also one of my faves, I have soooooooo many!!!!


    • I should have made the caption, “The same thing we do every night Pinky … Try to take over the world!” Maybe I’ll change it to that;)!

      And how is that off topic? LOL! The last part of the post is about he outfit!! LOL! And thank you Miche’al:)!! I love scarves, but always think that them make me look shorter … so I never wore them too much. But, this year, I got three really cute ones and they are thinner, so they work!


  2. oh the hair. can someone say HAIR? I LOOOOOVE YOUR HAIR. i know i got carried away there a bit, didn’t mean to shout like that but daaag. give me that volume shoulder length and i’m good. i know i’m supposed to be inspired now but i’m depressed, i don’t think i’ll ever achieve even 1/4 of that.
    i supposed i’ll get over it. yeah, i know i can be a drama queen sometimes.
    love your hair.


    • Awwwww Sophia … don’t be depressed, that’s the exact opposite of what I want!! LOL @ the drama queen. Did you make it to the dermatologist? Are you on a regimen yet? Remember, it can take time to reverse years of damage … you didn’t get to the where you were at the most damaged overnight, so you won’t be able to repair it overnight. But, with patience, research and diligence (absent any medical issues), you can get to where you want to be, I’m sure. I always say so many things are like gaining and losing weight …. people aren’t born weighing 300 pounds, so if someone gets to that weight and then wants to lose whatever (50, 100, 150 lbs) it’s going to take a while to get there … but it is true, it’s a lot harder to lose it than to gain it. I think the same can be said of hair damage. It’s a lot easier to damage it then it is to restore its health. BUT, it can be done. So hang in there lady!


      • yeah i know. thanks for following up, yes i did go to the doctor and he gave me some kind of cream and a shampoo. the cream i apply 2ice daily and the shampoo 1ce a week. i’m more of a pessimist with certain things(my hair for 1) so i don’t know yet. i didn’t go to the dermatologist, my doctor said either the cream or getting shots in my head of course i opt for the cream. remember i did the shots already, never again. so i’m hoping this cream and shampoo works. he did say my iron is low so i’m taking my vitamins/biotin/msm/iron. i’m tempted to do the big chop but my head is too big for that so i’ll do little chops here and there. i was thinking of taking the prenatal vitamins instead of the msm , we’ll see. again thanks for your follow up. and again “THAT HAIR”. i know i need to stop shouting.


  3. Ohhhhmyyyygossshhhhh Shelli! That Hurrrrrrrr!!! Girrrllll You are killing it! #fierce


    The outfit! Cuutteee! I am so raiding my Dad’s stash of ties next week! He has a bunch that he just doesn’t wear anymore, I need a few tops but I have a fierce vest and Fedora! Haute tip! Thanks lady!


    • Awwww, thanks Adrienne and Etoile!! And YES!! Vests and fedoras are hot/haute too;)!!! I wore my red chapeaux today with my red sweater and black and white plaid skirt with faux fishnet tights and my new fave black booties from Joe’s Jeans that you guys have seen me in quite a few times;). I was bummed because the hat made the outfit for real, but I couldn’t wear it in the office … only to enter and leave;).


  4. That outfit is smangin’! I LOVE ties as well! I used to wear them all the time but college has made me lazy… I can’t wait till I’m out in the real world and able to indulge in a fashion sense again. lol!

    Also, hair = amazing. I’m still afraid of brushes but maybe one day…


    • “Smangin” ?!?! I LIKE it!!! LOL!! You know, I go in ebbs and tides … you know how they tell you to get rid of things you haven’t worn in a year because it’s not likely you’ll wear them again? WRONG!! At least, for me. I love pulling something out that I haven’t worn in years and making it new again.

      And thank you! I’m still afraid of them too. Like, I did this … but it’ll probably be 6 months before I do it again … if even then!


    • Awww, Rhonda, don’t be depressed!! That makes me sad!! Also, my hair is looking crazy at the back … I don’t know what’s going on! Shrinkage, breakage, lead hairs?? Also look at how the top half is a lot wavier than the lower, that’s the henna loosening when I was going hard last year. I feel like it looks like I’m going out heat damage or a relaxer and keep thinking that I’m going to have to start cutting off the ends (maybe I’ll do an inch every few months. So, don’t think that it’s all perfect over here! I always tell people, “I’m just good at camouflaging my imperfections!” That’s true when it comes to my hair and body!! And you can do it too;)!! As I told Sophia … patience, diligence and research … I think it sounds like you have the diligence and research part … now it’s just a matter of patience. Remember, a watched pot never boils!


  5. Um, dang. I hit a milestone, and you put THESE pics up?!!! LOL GAWGEOUS!!!!
    Though I must be getting close. I got flagged by TSA flying home from JFK Sunday…

    Which reminds me… I sooo owe you an update from October. Sad.


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