Threadmill Haul


This may be my favorite! Love the slight touch of bling!

Remember Adrienne’s October GOC Update and how she told us that she went to town on Threadmill? Well, she sent me pics of her newest acquisitions, so that I could share them with all of you;). Too cute!

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You were them well Adrienne! You wear them well!


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  1. I think The white and green rimmed hat and the blue and white hat are the two I didn’t get satin lined. All the others are. Thanks so much Dottie! You are awesome.


  2. Marsha, pretty sure that Dottie can line almost all of her hats and does line some of the brimsters. Just tell her which ones you like. And don’t forget the HAIRSCAPADES10 discount code! I know that you won’t;)!

    Ollie, send Dottie (Threadmill) a message and tell her which ones you like. I’m sure that she’ll hook you up;)!! But, the 10% discount doesn’t work for custom orders, only Ready to Ship. Sorry!


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