November Giveaway and Discounts Reminder!


Don’t forget to check out the awesome giveaway and discounts we have on Hairscapades this month!

Want a chance to win a Wonder Curl sampler kit, which includes my TnC staple, Butter Than Love? Click here for details on how you can enter and earn multiple chances to win!

Maybe you’ve been desperately in search of cute and cozy satin-lined hats to protect your gorgeous curls/kinks/coils for winter? Click here for a special 10% off discount code for the fabulous Hairscapades and CurlyNikki approved Etsy shop, Threadmill.

Or, perhaps you’re in the market for an effective product or just want to restock on one of your staples and realize some savings to boot? Then click here for a special 20% off discount code for Doris New York.

What the heck, why not take advantage of all three?!?! The month will soon be over! So, don’t let the opportunities to win and save pass you by ;)!!

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