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A month or so ago, I came across a series of updo hairstyle pics on Pinterest that intrigued me. However, I never went back to investigate further until this past weekend. You see, I was recently reminded of it by Confessed Lurker (LMBO!! Love it!), who came out of the shadows on my Lurkers post and suggested the site,, as a source of style inspiration. This was the the source of the pic I’d seen!

So, I proceeded to check it out and also learned that Hair Romance has an ebook, 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles, which provides tutorials for the styles featured on her site. I found this style under Day 29. Seems that this was the bad-hair-day-saving style that started it all!

I also learned that Hair Romance now has a YouTube channel and video tutorial for this style and the pin and twist technique.

After watching the video, I thought, “Okay, okay. This is doable.” I especially liked her twisting method. So, on Sunday night, I proceeded to set my hair in a 6 twist TnC to prep it for attempting this style on Monday morning.

To prepare my hair, I pre-pooed with Vatika Oil and EVOO, washed with DevaCare No Poo, conditioned and detangled with HE HH, deep conditioned with SheaMoisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Mask, cooled and then sealed with diluted Aussie Moist, rinsed with cold water, allowed hair to dry 90%, applied Doris New York Leave-in and Olive Oil Cream* to make 6 twists and set the ends on pink flexis after a couple spritzes of DevaCurl Set It Free on the ends of each twist. Then I hit the sack with a hair net and the hope that my hair would dry overnight.

As you know, all didn’t go according to plan as my TnC was not dry the next morning. Therefore, I didn’t have time to sit under the dryer and try and film my first attempt at this new style. So, I chose the dryer and wore my hair out on Monday (it looked and felt nice … sorry, I didn’t take pictures before messing with it to do this style!).

When I got home from work, I proceeded to set the camera up in the bathroom and made some modifications to improve the lighting and filming distance. I got everything ready, put my products and supplies on the sink for display during the video and then decided that I better do a “test twist” before filming to see if I could do it. Ummmm … yeah … as soon as I tried and released the section of hair I twisted and pinned using the technique that she demonstrates in the video, I knew there was going to be a problem. You see, when I released the twist, my hair was twisting and tangling all around itself and I had to carefully separate it to try again. I tried it a couple times with the same results. So then, I modified the technique to a half Bantu knot, half pin curl leaving the ends of the hair/curl free. However, this did not allow me to achieve the twisty, turny look of the inspiration style. I even tried doing a two strand twist on one section first, before twisting and pinning. But, it didn’t look much different from the other pin twists (mostly due to the loose, curly ends I think).

I finished the style anyway, just to see what it would look like (I used a mini jaw clip for the front poof).

It was cute, but didn’t look much different from a couple other pin curl styles that I’ve done. So, I immediately released it as my concern was that my hair would become a tangled, matted mess if I tried to sleep in it overnight to wear the next day. I’m not giving up on this style though. I’m thinking that I might be able to accomplish something similar with medium two strand twists. But, for now, I’ll have to set aside 30 Days of Pin and Twist styles until I can figure out a safe and functional alternative for twisting and pinning naturally curly hair without creating a bird’s nest to deal with on wash day! So, for this week, bun it is!!

(*p.s. Doris NY Day 1: So far so good! The leave-in applied and appeared to function like Kimmaytube-leave in, immediately moisturizing and clumping hair. The Olive Oil cream is moisturizing without being heavy … though I was a bit heavy-handed with the application I think. I’m reserving a full review for a few more uses and will keep you guys updated 😉 By the way, still seeing the results of the protein treatment! My hair is far more resilient when I manipulate it, with significantly fewer shed strands and less breakage!)


Have you ever tried any pin and twists styles? Any suggestions for a better technique to use on naturally curly hair? I’m open to any and all recommendations!

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  1. I think your results are cute and I actually think it does look different than styles that you’ve worn before. It has a bit more volume this way, but I know it’s not what you were going for and I know you definitely want to avoid any unnecessary knots. I see she is very particular about twisting down and then knotting up. That’s what creates this style. I’m super scared to try it though…lol, trying to avoid the knots.


  2. I tried pinning my bun when I did the flat twist bun updo. Epic fail. I’m looking forward to trying the pinning after my hair grows out more. Hopefully by next March. It seems that my hair grows 3/4″ to 1″ each month. Thanks for posting the link to the YT channel.


    • That’s a lot of growth Krystal! You’ll have enough length in no time then … probably by the time you remove those yarn braids, you’ll be ready to give it another go:)!


  3. Girl…you know I’m lurking…ha! I think it’s very nice, but it does take practice. I’ve tried a couple styles myself and they’ve turned out pretty good. I usually coil my hair around my finger and then wrap it around almost like making a bun, but I tuck my ends under. I also comb my strands before twisting with a wide-tooth comb. And it really works better for me on two-day hair after a wash-and-go. Although, my hair isn’t as long and full as yours so I can see where your concerns are. But, Ms. Shelly you rock! Have a great day!


    • Hahahaha! I LOVE your handle! It’s the best. But, you’re not lurking so much anymore;)!! I’m not much of a “comber,” but I actually used a paddle brush tonight! That will be a rare occurrence though. I hate the sound of it going through my hair. I know I’m breaking hairs even though my hair was stretched, I worked in sections and worked from the ends to the roots. I’m just too hypersensitive about brushes and combs anymore. Every time I use them, I kind of regret it and am reminded why I use my fingers now!


  4. So…. I just tried this out and…. I have no Idea how it went? I have two strand twists in and decided not to take them out because it’s my style of the week and I’m lazy. Also, as a disclaimer, my hair is only about as long as the base of my neck. So I just took one or two (or three because I don’t have that many bobby pins) of the twists and did the the second ‘hangman’s noose’ loop on them and pinned them around. I think It might turn out better if I had more/longer hair because I could place them strategically. I released a couple and they don’t seem to be matting or knotting. It doesn’t look like the picture but it does look kind of interesting. Maybe this will be helpful?


    • LOL!! You have no idea how it went Tai? LOL! Hmmm, are you on Facebook? Could you do it again and post a pic on my Hairscapades page? I want to see what it looks like!! LOL!


      • I will email the pics later today! Basically, I have terrible eyesight so it might be cute and it might be awful. I slept on it tonight so I guess I’ll see what the general consensus is today!


  5. Hi! Thanks for trying out my hairstyle! I really like it in your hair, but I know what you mean about knots. I have curly hair but I blowdry it straight for most of my hairstyles online (as it’s easier to manage). I also do this hairstyle in second day curly hair but it can turn into a birdnest. Though, to be honest, my hair is a birdsnest before I do the twists!
    I usually get another couple of days with this style and then wash my hair and put a treatment on. Then start all over again!


    • Thank you for sharing so many cute styles:)! I saw that you have naturally curly hair and it is so pretty like that! It does present challenges for certain styles though. But, I’ll figure out a way to modify your twist and pin to at least partially replicate some of your styles. I tried to do the one with the four twists at the nape, but that wasn’t working out too well either!! LOL!! As I indicated in the post, I may try doing two strand twists on the sections first and the twirling and pin-curling. We’ll see. I haven’t given up yet. And thanks for checking out the post and commenting:)!! I thought that I left a comment on your YouTube channel too, but maybe I didn’t post it or it didn’t make the cut. Either way, love your creative styles:)!!


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