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OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh!! So, a few weeks ago, my sister Shana sent me this media query seeking the favorite hairstyle ideas of beauty bloggers! Her message said, “It’s a perfect fit, hair, fitness, blogger, … GO,” and was sent with the subject,  “Do THIS Now!” So I did!!! I sent links to a few of my banana clip styles posts … aaaand, I made the cut! Page 3! Check out the full article here (the blurb about Hairscapades and the amazingly versatile banana clip is on the upper right! I know that I didn’t see it at first :D!!)


Shape Magazine

8 Hot Hairstyles from Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers


We forgot about the banana clip entirely when fixing up our hairdos—we thought they were old school, but thanks to Shelli Gillis of, our faith in the tried-and-true hair gadget has been restored. “[It’s] a super versatile hair tool that is quick and easy to use but has been forgotten,” Gillis says. “I love making a big high bun with it, it’s super easy and cute.”


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    • Awwww, thanks Mekale:)! I’m thinking that my hair may be too long for it now though! I’ll have to try it before I go into my winter protective style, Afro puffy twists! I bought 5 packs of the hair, I have to get them now! LOL!!


  1. This is awesome! Congratulations! They should do a bigger feature on your blog or give you a guest column or something, can I lobby them in favor of you some way?


  2. Awwww, you guys rock!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words:)!!! Tai, I don’t know! I’m sure there is a contact e-mail. I’d be honored if you started the lobby;)!!


  3. That photo of your hair is my screensaver- now I know why!;-)
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You are not only an inspiration for all of us trying to get beautiful like you but kind and humble. Keep blogging because I will keep following.


  4. oh congratulations girl. funny, because of you i went and bought some banana clips last month and that’s mostly the style i rock. as “dreamblue” stated you are so kind and humble. when i post comments i never thought you would remember who i was but you do and you follow up, it makes me feel like you really care. thanks, you deserve all the success that’s coming your way.


  5. Thank you all so much and Dreamblue and Sophia, you two made me do the big, old “Awwwwwww” face. You are both so kind and sweet! And, of course I remember you Sophia:)!! There are only so many people who regularly comment;)! LOL! Now, I’m bad with putting faces with names, so if we ever meet and then meet again and I can’t put the two together, please forgive me!! It’s horrible and I’m trying to work on that;)!! And, I DO care!! I want you all to enjoy your journey, succeed and love your hair:)!!

    GG!!! Girl, I was thinking of you just the other day! You disappeared on me! I miss our PJ debates;)!! You see how I’m about to buy Terressentials?!?! LOL!! You weren’t a fan initially. Did you change your mind or did you give up on it? What are you doing with your hair now anyway?!? Are you letting it grow or keeping it short?


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