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Hairscapades Featured on Shape.com!



OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh!! So, a few weeks ago, my sister Shana sent me this media query seeking the favorite hairstyle ideas of beauty bloggers! Her message said, “It’s a perfect fit, hair, fitness, blogger, Shape.com … GO,” and was sent with the subject,  “Do THIS Now!” So I did!!! I sent links to a few of my banana clip styles posts … aaaand, I made the cut! Page 3! Check out the full article here (the blurb about Hairscapades and the amazingly versatile banana clip is on the upper right! I know that I didn’t see it at first :D!!)


Shape Magazine

8 Hot Hairstyles from Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers


We forgot about the banana clip entirely when fixing up our hairdos—we thought they were old school, but thanks to Shelli Gillis of Hairscapades.com, our faith in the tried-and-true hair gadget has been restored. “[It’s] a super versatile hair tool that is quick and easy to use but has been forgotten,” Gillis says. “I love making a big high bun with it, it’s super easy and cute.”


October GOC Update: Krystal K.


Our resident KaliGirl1980 (First Wave) provides us with a video update to tell us about her weight loss challenges, her DIY protective style and her fantasy product ;)!! 

Awwwwww!!!  Thank you so much for the kind words Krystal!!

Let’s Grow Baby!! 

October GOC Update: Josie


Here’s Josie (Tenth Wave) with an update that tells of sadness and milestones.


So, October brought big upsets, but I’m learning how to handle them better. Workouts this month were totally non-existent. Also, my diet was not the best either. Midway through the month, I suffered the loss of a good friend here at school and, needless to say, keeping up with the everyday was a little difficult for a while. If any good did come from this month it was that my hair was totally under wraps in chunky twists all month and continues to feel better and better every wash day. My hair routine is a fine-tuned machine now and I’ve even been asked to consult others in my family and my boyfriend about how to set-up proper hair care routines. I think I have perfected my first pin-up style! Yay me! So since I’ve finally figured one out, I think I’m going to try to freestyle another pin-up. The other thing I like is that this means my hair has been growing, because a few months ago I used to struggle getting my hair put up, now it’s a cinch and I only used two combs and 4 bobby pins!

That was my biggest accomplishment in October and, even with my food and workout plan tossed to the wind this month, I did stay very consistent with my water intake, so I felt good about that. This coming month, I’m going to get back into the workout flow and I just recently did a huge couponing haul at the grocery store. So, my diet should get back on track because I have food to cook with again! I also thought I would add a picture of me from way back when. I was seven and my braids never knew the reality of gravity, and even now, my hair still doesn’t feel the need to acknowledge gravity! *lol*

(Me and my mommy. I’m rocking the “tree braids” as they were so called and my mom, rocking the blonde. I converted her to natural, she just had her year naturalversary! *lol*)


So sorry for you loss Josie :(. My heart and prayers go out to you as it’s always devastating to lose a loved one, especially someone who I assume who was so young. Your ability to learn how to cope with your feelings of loss and move forward are admirable. In regard to the hair progress, sounds like you have become your own hair’s experts and are starting to help others do the same! Kudos!! 

Twist & Pin? Help Needed – Inquire Within


A month or so ago, I came across a series of updo hairstyle pics on Pinterest that intrigued me. However, I never went back to investigate further until this past weekend. You see, I was recently reminded of it by Confessed Lurker (LMBO!! Love it!), who came out of the shadows on my Lurkers post and suggested the site, HairRomance.com, as a source of style inspiration. This was the the source of the pic I’d seen!

So, I proceeded to check it out and also learned that Hair Romance has an ebook, 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles, which provides tutorials for the styles featured on her site. I found this style under Day 29. Seems that this was the bad-hair-day-saving style that started it all!

I also learned that Hair Romance now has a YouTube channel and video tutorial for this style and the pin and twist technique.

After watching the video, I thought, “Okay, okay. This is doable.” I especially liked her twisting method. So, on Sunday night, I proceeded to set my hair in a 6 twist TnC to prep it for attempting this style on Monday morning.

To prepare my hair, I pre-pooed with Vatika Oil and EVOO, washed with DevaCare No Poo, conditioned and detangled with HE HH, deep conditioned with SheaMoisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Mask, cooled and then sealed with diluted Aussie Moist, rinsed with cold water, allowed hair to dry 90%, applied Doris New York Leave-in and Olive Oil Cream* to make 6 twists and set the ends on pink flexis after a couple spritzes of DevaCurl Set It Free on the ends of each twist. Then I hit the sack with a hair net and the hope that my hair would dry overnight.

As you know, all didn’t go according to plan as my TnC was not dry the next morning. Therefore, I didn’t have time to sit under the dryer and try and film my first attempt at this new style. So, I chose the dryer and wore my hair out on Monday (it looked and felt nice … sorry, I didn’t take pictures before messing with it to do this style!).

When I got home from work, I proceeded to set the camera up in the bathroom and made some modifications to improve the lighting and filming distance. I got everything ready, put my products and supplies on the sink for display during the video and then decided that I better do a “test twist” before filming to see if I could do it. Ummmm … yeah … as soon as I tried and released the section of hair I twisted and pinned using the technique that she demonstrates in the video, I knew there was going to be a problem. You see, when I released the twist, my hair was twisting and tangling all around itself and I had to carefully separate it to try again. I tried it a couple times with the same results. So then, I modified the technique to a half Bantu knot, half pin curl leaving the ends of the hair/curl free. However, this did not allow me to achieve the twisty, turny look of the inspiration style. I even tried doing a two strand twist on one section first, before twisting and pinning. But, it didn’t look much different from the other pin twists (mostly due to the loose, curly ends I think).

I finished the style anyway, just to see what it would look like (I used a mini jaw clip for the front poof).

It was cute, but didn’t look much different from a couple other pin curl styles that I’ve done. So, I immediately released it as my concern was that my hair would become a tangled, matted mess if I tried to sleep in it overnight to wear the next day. I’m not giving up on this style though. I’m thinking that I might be able to accomplish something similar with medium two strand twists. But, for now, I’ll have to set aside 30 Days of Pin and Twist styles until I can figure out a safe and functional alternative for twisting and pinning naturally curly hair without creating a bird’s nest to deal with on wash day! So, for this week, bun it is!!

(*p.s. Doris NY Day 1: So far so good! The leave-in applied and appeared to function like Kimmaytube-leave in, immediately moisturizing and clumping hair. The Olive Oil cream is moisturizing without being heavy … though I was a bit heavy-handed with the application I think. I’m reserving a full review for a few more uses and will keep you guys updated 😉 By the way, still seeing the results of the protein treatment! My hair is far more resilient when I manipulate it, with significantly fewer shed strands and less breakage!)


Have you ever tried any pin and twists styles? Any suggestions for a better technique to use on naturally curly hair? I’m open to any and all recommendations!