Terressentials Organic Hair Wash


Last week, Adrienne gave us her GOC Update and sang the praises of Terressentials Organic Hair Wash. I wanted to know who else had tried it and what they thought of it as my inner PJ was trying to rear her head again. Well, Chy’sCurlz didn’t help subdue the PJ, as she commented on the post and shared a link for her review of this all-natural, kind of all-in-one product!


Chy’s Curlz

First Day of Terressentials Organic Hair Wash

I finally bit the bullet and bought the Terressentials hair wash and it rocks!! It is the best thing I’ve ever used on my hair and I’m not exaggerating, not even an iota.

Products Used:
  • Terressentials Hair Wash
What I did:
  • I undid my yarn braids that I had in for all of two weeks (whole other post … smh).
  • I sectioned my hair into eight sections, four in the back and four in the front.
  • I spritzed each section with some water and then applied the mud from root to tip.
  • I made sure to massage the hair wash on my scalp to cleanse the scalp and then distribute it further down the strands.
  • And can I tell you, my hair was so easy to detangle. I know that when I use HEHH, it detangles well, but there was something about the hair wash that made it just that much easier to detangle.
  • I retained the sections and twisted it after detangling.
  • I then covered my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for about 1-2hrs (I just forgot about it).
  • It was time to get in the shower, I let the stream of water run on the hair first and then I undid each twist and washed it more thoroughly.
  • When I got out of the shower, my coils were so well defined and soft to the touch. I didn’t do the three washes, which is partly why I had left it in for as long as I did.
  • Suffice it to say that I’m super excited to see what my hair will look like after the whole 5 days “detox.”

Results after day 1:

That’s it … ’til later.



Thanks for sharing lady!

Check out Chy’s Curlz’ “Final Verdict” on the Terresentials Mud Wash here!

(Yeah, I just watched Naptural85’s first video review of this product too. I’m just sayin’ … there’s little doubt that the PJ will win this one and I’ll be ordering some VERY soon.)


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me! This is my first!. Yay! You know that I will be here everyday so I will be catching up on your experience with it. I generally don’t encourage PJ’ism, but I think this might be the cure so I say do it! (those shipping charges are a pain though).


    • No, thank you for sharing your experiences and allowing me to share them here:)! I’m loving the idea of not needing a conditioner to detangle!! Now, if only we could get rid of those shipping charges!


        • Have you read the “commentary” on their site? For some reason I don’t think they’d take too kindly to a “strongly worded” letter!! LMBO!! They are a bit militant in their approach. “We don’t just let any ol’ raggedy tail, so called ‘health food store’ carry our products because they are imbeciles and wouldn’t have a clue how to properly explain how to use our life changing products.” I mean, I’m loving what I’m hearing about the product, but some of the choices they make to explain their philosophy are a little off-putting and harsh. They might cause those without PJ tendencies like me to walk away because of the commentary! But yeah, I got issues, so I’m still trying to get my fix!! LOL!


  2. Terresentials is a good hair wash and it leaves your hair so soft and detangles that I did not use conditioner afterwards! Plus you dont use a lot of the shampoo neither! I just put some in a bowl and dip my fingers in and work from scalp all the way down. Another good point to make is that this shampoo also contains betonite clay:) Dont expect to see lather like regular shampoo! I too did not do the 3 days they recommend, when you get in the shower you will know when the hair is clean becuase the water will be clear. A great hair wash! visit the website for more information.


  3. Terresentials is freakin’ AMAZING! I say go with the Lavender Garden and prepare to be converted. I like to ‘dilute’ mine a bit with aloe vera juice and acv to get an extra cleanse for my scalp and stretch the product longer (It’s a bit on the expensive side for me). If I pre-poo with coconut oil the night before, my hair is too sweet, too smooth, and too cool. I LOVE not having to use conditioner (my hair doesn’t react to it well) and this stuff has been the cure for my ‘wash-day’ hate. Now I look forward to it!

    *end unpaid advertisement*


  4. I have been looking at there website and reading reviews on youtube. I may be jumping on the bandwagon once my other shampoos run out or if the have a holiday sale(which ever comes first!!)


  5. Thanks for the review. I plan to detox with Terressentials next week during the long holiday. I’ve read pages of reviews on LHCF and Naturally Curly and even watched numerous youtube videos. Since it’s primarily bentonite clay I know it will work well on my hair since I use the clay regularly for my hair and face.

    @ Skillz, do you plan to detox as recommended by the creators of Terressentials?

    For those of you in the Atlanta area, http://www.sagenaturalceuticals.com/shop/ also has it if you want to pick it up, it’s not available to order online though. Thankfully my sis lives in ATL so I’ll have her repurchase for me.


    • Okay … so, see what had happened was … LOL! I read all of the stuff on the site and I don’t know that I’m ready to give up my product “crack” yet!! LOL!!! I’m like, “I can’t use my stuff anymore? Do you know how much money is under my sinks and in my kitchen?!?!” So, I’m thinking, this may be a gradual weaning process … like, maybe I’ll buy it and then … when I’ve used up most of my stuff, I’ll give the detox and use a try. Otherwise, I’ll feel like I’m pouring money down the sink. And, if there’s one thing you need to know about me … I’m frugal!! I may seem like I spend a lot on stuff, but I NEVER spend beyond my means and I use my stuff up! Like, lotion bottles get cut open to make sure that I get ALL of the product!! LOL!!


  6. I’ve been using the Lavendar Garden wash for a couple months. I continue to use the products I previously used, I just find that my hair is simply amazing whenever I use the Terressentials hair wash. It’s the best my hair has looked in the almost 1 year since I’ve been natural. I sometimes prepoo before or DC after, depending on what “I think” my hair needs but I’ve also used just the wash and proceed to styling after with the same excellent results. I wasn’t ready to stop trying or using the other products (I was using mainly natural products anyway). After months of trying a bunch of different products, I’m definitely sticking to my Terressentials Lavendar Garden hair wash and my Kimmaytube inspiried leave-in for the most part. I just straightened my hair for the 1st time since going natural to access the health (knowing I had damaged ends) and chopped off 1-1/2 to 2 inches of damaged ends (I think massive damage from relaxed days which is why I did a big chop 2 months post relaxer) and my hair is responding even better to the wash.


  7. @ Skillz, I had no idea you were a product junkie LOL. U could always alternate your shampoos so you can still use/try other products. From what I’ve read on forums, no one seems to use it for every wash.

    Naptural85 just posted questions/answers on her blog; hope it’s ok to provide the link,

    @ Peta, I love hearing great reviews about this product it makes me more excited to use it next week. 🙂


  8. i love the terressentials! i’ve been using the lavender for a month now and it has cut my detangling time down from 60 minutes (plus tears and regretting going natural, even after 2 years) to 10 minutes, i swear. this past month has been the first month i haven’t wished for different hair and have been thankful for mine. i can’t ever see myself using anything but a clay wash now. naptural85 just did a blog post on her love for rhassoul clay deep treatment (link below), but i doubt i’ll ever try it because i can’t stand the idea of mixing anything together… i just want my stuff to come in a bottle already pre-mixed for me (:



    • Ooooh, Jai and Peta, thanks for the additional information! It’s back on now!! Francine, what other products do you use on your hair. Are you using 100% natural products or do you use commercial products too? If the latter, would you mind telling me which things you use (like, do you use a conditioner with any cones or stylers like SheaMoisture or Carol’s Daughter?). Just trying to get more information on what others use in conjunction with this in their regimens. Thank you all again!!


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