Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

Hair Swag!


Pretty, right? A week or so ago, Amber of Luv My Kynxx posted on her Facebook page about this eBay shop that she discovered from Katrina (of Fotki). The shop was QueCraft and they had these gorgeous organic horn hair accessories, including the beautiful hair fork pictured above. And, the thing is, the prices are insanely reasonable (less than $10 for most of the hair accessories!). Well, I just had to have the one above and, of course, found several other things that I quote, unquote needed. Well, I finally got around to placing my order this morning and figured I’d share my newest acquisitions and this shop with all of you! I know, I know, I’m horrible! I keep showing you guys way to spend your money! But, the prices are soooo great! And, shipping was only $3.40 for the first item and $0.80 for each additional piece! So, this is the thing, I’m sharing these for those who have been in search of pretty and quality hair forks and barrettes. If you are on a budget and not supposed to be spending  … “NOT FOR YOU!!”  LOL!!

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Of course, I’ll post pics and a review when they arrive and I get to play around with the hair forks a little!

1/6/12 Update: Here are a few pics of the plain hair fork. I’ll have to do a more complete posts once my puffy twists are removed.