Two Bun Banana Clip Updo Tutorial (Video)


Well, this was a pain to upload!! Good grief … I started this at 6 pm and just got it to finally upload at 11!! Anywho, here is a tutorial for the simple and quick (you know how I do ;)) 2 bun banana clip updo that was featured in Crown of Glory … or Thorns? If only the upload had been as easy as the style … *sheesh*!

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  1. I got SO excited when I saw this…lol I just got my coffee and oatmeal like I’m about to watch a movie. I don’t know if my hair is full enough for this. My banana clip is always trying to make an appearance at one end or the other but I’ll see what I can do with it.


  2. I will have to try this – again! The last banana clip I tried broke in my hair. I think either my hair is too thick/dense, or I brought the wrong one…


    • Thanks guys!!! Valencia, too funny!! LOL!! You always make me laugh:)!! Valencia, I was thinking, you might be able to use small sock buns to do this style too! I was thinking, that might be a modification that those with hair too short to wrap around in a bun could use. But, if you think your hair isn’t thick enough to cover it, maybe the sock bun could help? I’m surprised with your hair though as it doesn’t seem like it should happen with your hair as you seem to have enough length to conceal the banana clip.


      • Carla, I have heard the complaints about thick hair breaking banana clips. Have you tried the kind I posted about that I saw at Walmart? Maybe those are sturdier and can hold denser hair?


        • I think what I tried to do was use it on wet, freshly washed hair = “SNAP!”. I need to try it on dry, stretched hair. I haven’t been to Walmart (never shopped there before, LOL), but I may try them just to see if they have those clips! Thanks for the heads up.


  3. After reading this post this morning. I decided to give the banana clip another try. The first time I tried I just wasn’t coordinated enough to maneuver the clip and my hair. But I felt really confident after watching your video. Now if I could only figure out how to show you the pics of my little master piece 🙂


    • Ooooh Mekale! You did it?!? Okay, I sooo wanna see the pics! Are you on Facebook? Can you post it on the Hairscapades page (under status, select photo and upload your photo?). So glad that it worked out for you!! (I’m assuming that it turned out great since you called it a little masterpiece:)!!


      • Just posted 2 pics. I stopped at Sally’s to pick up a new set of banana clips, the square flats ones. Can’t wait to try them out. Oh and my pj ways got the best of me and I grabbed Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor. Thinking on trying it out tomorrow.


  4. I’m doing a 7 days of Creative Bun Series starting next week. Can I include your video in one of the series? I already have the post crafted with the pics of my double bun but I think it would be good to share pics of both so people can see the results on shorter hair. It’s funny we were thinking the same thing. You just beat me to the post lol. I had done it after reading Curly Like Me.


    • For His Glory, girl, invest in a banana clip. They are super cheap and I frickin’ LOVE how easy they are to use and how gentle they are on the hair. Your hair looks thicker than mine, so you probably need one of the more sturdier versions. But, that thing has become my staple styler. It is just amazingly versatile!!


  5. That was soo cute. I am definitely going to try it for my first day of being a waitress tomorrow. I have a lot of hair so my boss told me that I should probably wear my hair My hair is around the same length as yours but slightly longer and much much thicker…ughh. lol I haven’t worn my hair up in ages because it is such a hassle to make it smooth and it sucks breaking 3 hair ties everytime I try. But hopefully everything will go ‘smoothly’ tomorrow… (no pun intended. lol)Thanks for the tutorial!!


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