Doris New York Deal!!


Maaaaaaaaannnnnnn … I got you guys all the hook ups this month ;)!! As if the Wonder Curl Giveaway and the 10% Threadmill discount weren’t enough, now I have yet another deal for you!! When I met Marlene Duperley (one half of the mother/daughter team behind Doris New York), I had one of those, “This is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship” moments! We’ve been in contact ever since and she has one of the loveliest spirits I’ve ever encountered. She truly believes in products and care that promote healthy hair! Anywho, as you know, she gave me a whole swag bag of DNY products and said that she’d love to do something with the site. Well, that something is, DNY is giving us a 20% discount off all orders placed with coupon code HAIRSCAPADES (excludes S&H) in the month of November!!! As I told you earlier this week, I’ve already sampled the DNY Olive Oil cream and found it light, yet moisturizing. I can’t wait to try the Mineral Mud and Leave-In!! Check out this Spotlight interview that Etoile of the Curvealicious Chronicles did with Marlene, as well as these reviews by other bloggers who are singing the praises of Doris New York!!

Natural Chica:

The Curvealicious Chronicles:

Links to more online reviews:

I plan on using the leave-in this weekend on a WnG and the Mineral Mud next weekend! So, you know, my reviews will follow as well!!

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  1. Do you remember someone was handing out flyers to a natural hair conversation at the Curly Nikki event? Well, I went to that event as a vendor and they gave us swag bags. The swag bags had samples of DNY olive oil cream in it and I LOVED it. I still have some left but now that you scored a discount I’m going to take advantage and get full size. I really love this product. It very well may replace my regular moisturizer. So, thanks for getting such a great discount. Think I’ll try the mud pack too. I just love luscious treatments. My hair probably doesn’t even need any extra treatments but It’s more like a spa experience – reminds me a bit like getting a thick henna treatment (which by the way I’m doing today since I’m home from the day job).


  2. This is not helping me curb becoming a PJ! I love hair creams and this one sounds attractive, but I can’t find an ingredient list anywhere on the site or on the net. Anyone have an ingredient list for the cream and leave -in? My hair loves olive oil so… yeah. Want some. Can’t wait for the reviews!


    • Viv, I’ll post that soon in my review of the leave-in that will come this week. I’ll be washing this weekend and using it. I’d give it to you right now, but I have to get ready to get out of here for a 2 pm play. “Talk” soon!


  3. Yes, you are hooking us up this month and it helps because my birthday is next week. I just placed my Threadmill order and used the discount code now I will check out DNY’s product line.


    • You are very welcome:)!! Ooooh, you know I want to see pics of you in your Threadmill hats!!! Adrienne sent me her pics yesterday and I’m going to post them this upcoming week! Soooo cute!!


  4. Shelli,

    I would love to read your review(s) before placing an order. Thanks for being mindful of our wallets and securing a discount code for us.

    ~Rhonda C


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