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Cheap Banana Clips!


Y’all know I’m a sucker for the banana clip! Well, I came across this Scunci 3 pack at Walmart last week for 3 bucks!!! I like my thin clips, so I didn’t get them. But, I thought these might be of interest to those in search of more substantial banana clips. “What a bargain!!” Enjoy ;)!!


October GOC Update: Marsha


by Marsha of Hairology

What have I been up to? Well as far as healthy eating … you see what had happen was … hmm … long pause …

I am not the greatest at a healthy challenge, because some days or weeks are better or worse than others. I couldn’t tell the last time I exercised. I was reminded by this after cleaning out my bathroom cabinets last week. I did a lot of squatting while cleaning out the cabinets and I felt really sore the next day. Yet the days still pass with me being nothing but a couch potato. Well I guess I would make more effort if I wasn’t 119 lbs as I am right now. I would still like to be maybe a few pounds lighter. Oh well, I have these phases that I go through. I would either work out and eat healthy like mad for a few months straight, and then I would just get bored and slack off. I wish I could get more motivated. What are good motivators?

As far as my hair…Well after I found that spot in the crown of my head (see here), I have tried not to stress about it, because that would only make it worse. However, I have not been ignoring it. It seems as if my hair grows far less than half an inch per month. I don’t know, I think genetics is the cause. Nevertheless, I would rather a thick healthy head of hair over long waist length hair any day.

I have been doing more pre-poo sessions to see if that helps. I have returned to my Kimmaytube’s leave-in, which I modified. Instead of using jojoba oil, I added avocado oil. No real reason for the modification. I have been wearing my hair in a textured bun during the days I work, which amount to four days a week. I simply twist my hair at nights in like 8-10 twists and curl the ends with satin rollers. In the mornings I would use my banana clip and tuck the ends under the clip, securing in place with hairpins or bobby pins.

So, today I was off from work and I undid my twists and I was really liking how soft my hair felt and looked.

So, I had to get my car washed because it hadn’t been washed since I drove it off the lot in over a month, and being that it’s black, it shows all the dirt. Heck it has been raining like every other day for quite some time now (excuses, excuses). Anyhow, this is how I left the house.

So after returning home I pre-pooed for  two hours, shampooed my hair and am currently sitting with Nupur Henna in my hair. I have another hour out of three to go.

Until next time … Happy growing.

Threadmill Announcement!!


And the good times keep on rollin’!!  Dottie of Threadmill has generously and enthusiastically agreed to extend all you “Hairscapaders” another 10% discount code for the month of November!! What better time to pick up some comfy, cozy, satin-lined Christmas gifts for your natural friends … or … better yet, yourself ;)?? Just enter HAIRSCAPADES10 at checkout to receive 10% off of your total order, including added satin-linings (excludes custom orders and S&H)!!

(p.s. If you’d like a coordinating scarf, hit Dottie up with a message for a custom order.;)

Protein Convert Over Here!


Yup, it’s true. I am a believer now. My hair feels so much stronger and the shedding has decreased drastically. Literally, I had my hair down a few weeks back when I went to work, and had hair coming out left and right. It was never-ending and I knew it just wasn’t normal as I couldn’t touch my hair without pulling away multiple strands of shed hair (and they were sheds, I inspect for the bulb;).

Now, after two ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor treatments (see my review here), I may lose 2 or 3 strands when I take down my updos at night. I just wish that I had learned how to properly use protein sooner as I might have kept a lot more hair on my head! Hindsight is 20/20, right?

Anywho, I’m doing some research now as I’ve yet to find any scientific evidence to support that OVER-moisturized hair could result in excessive shedding. However, I know my own head of hair, and I know that my shedding decreased after the protein treatments. I also know that my hair was feeling very soft and now it feels stronger and able to withstand manipulation a lot better. I even noticed that my hair isn’t snagging on my brush when I’m smoothing my edges like it was immediately prior to the treatments. So, I’m wondering if there is an ingredient (or ingredients) in ApHogee, other than protein, that could be responsible for this effect? The bottle did indicate that it soothes an irritated scalp. As an irritated scalp can result in excessive shedding and this treatment is touted to have something to combat that, that is where I’ll be directing my “research” and investigative skills. I found this thread on Long Hair Care Forum that poses the question, does OVER moisturized hair cause excessive shedding and does protein help stop shedding? The overwhelming consensus seems to be that there is no scientific evidence to support this premise … and some even call it ludicrous, essentially. Therefore, I think I’ll direct my search more towards how protein or other ingredients in this particular ApHogee treatment may affect the scalp. My logic leads me to hypothesize that something is causing the scalp to tighten around the follicle, whether it is somehow due to clarification of product residue, “hard” water and/or hardening of the hair strand. So, I’ll have to see if I can find anything to prove (or disprove) this theory.

Things that make you go, “Hmmmmmm … .”


Do you use protein conditioning treatments? If so, which one(s)? Do you notice a decrease in shedding (differentiate from decrease in breakage) after use? 

(I’m hoping to be able to identify some common ingredients in protein treatments that appear to reduce shedding to further focus my research! So, thanks for any and all feedback!)