Racist Cookie?


Okay, here’s another random moment. I was a massive fan of Scrubs. The guy crush between JD and Turk was a constant source of joy to me. I’m all about quirky, whacky, whimsical shows. Scrubs was all of the above with a dose of life lessons mixed in the hilarity. Anywho, I was reminded of how much I loved it this morning and wanted to share one of the wackadoo moments that came to mind. You only need to watch the first minute or so of the clip to see it:).

Oh, what the heck? Gotta share this one too! It’s a little “musical” number about JD and Turk’s guy love (a patient had a brain tumor that caused her to hear everyone singing. True story!)!! LOL!!

By the way, Carla’s Dominican.

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  1. Not for nothing Shelli (without sounding like a stalker or over obsessed fan), you are my kind of gal. We share a similar sense of humor. I love Scrubs (no one else in my house does)I asked for all the seasons for Christmas. I was so upset, when it went off the air. Then it came back, I was uber excited, then it went off again (NBC why do you play with my emotions???).


  2. LOL @ Miche’al … not a stalker at all;). Just a kindred spirit:). I have several seasons on DVD … but, I lent them to someone and I’ve yet to get them back!!! Grrrr …

    I didn’t like it when Zach Braff left after it moved to ABC. But, before that? Great. OMG, the “series” finale with JD? The end where it’s like the video footage of the holidays in the future and JD and Turk’s son and daughter get engaged??? OMG, like laughter and tears.

    Izzie, did you watch the show:)?


    • Well, I’ll say this. I wasn’t disappointed when it went off of the air given that last season without JD. I thought the season that tolled his departure was hit or miss, but the finale brought it all back together and was awesome and summed up why I loved the show so much. I’d rather my favorite shows leave on a high note than deteriorate like, say, Friends. But yeah, I miss it. Fortunately, I have Community and The Big Bang Theory now:). Community is hit or miss too … but when it’s good? It’s AMAZING!! I’ll sit through the lackluster ones so that I don’t miss the stellar episodes.


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