October GOC Update: CJ



August 2011

Not the best picture, but an idea of how my hair has grown.

I’ve realized I need to quit experimenting with every possible product known to man. In the last 4 months, I’ve tried:

  • Hair Rules (hated it)
  • DevaCare (One Conditioner is great … everything else, eh)
  • Oyin Handmade (my hair is not a fan of castor oil)
  • Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk line and Honey Mimosa (my hair didn’t absorb it at all)
  • Wen (I liked it, but refuse to spend that much money on a 16oz bottle that’s gone after 8-10 uses)
  • Curl Junkie (CJ) Cleansing Conditioner (smelled funny and didn’t clean my hair)
  • CJ Coffee-Coco Curl Creme (I had to use soooooo much and it smelled … just, wrong)
  • CJ Curls in a Bottle (only worked on top of the curl creme–too much product)
  • Curls Souffle (coated my hair–without any definition–so badly I had to shampoo it off)
  • henna (made my hair unbelievably frizzy)

My stylist suggested using KeraCare … and now that I finally decided to listen to her and stopped all the experimentation, my hair is so much happier. (Shout out to Camille, owner of Noire Design Concepts Salon in Silver Spring, MD!!!!). So, right now, I’m washing with As I Am Coconut Co-wash (a new line for naturals created by the chemist in charge of product development for KeraCare. Reviews say it’s like Wen, but only $9/16oz.), co-washing with KeraCare’s Moisturizing Conditioner for color treated hair, clarifying with diluted ACV and DCing with KeraCare Intensive Restorative Mask. The only new products I plan on trying are KeraCare’s natural textures leave-in and twisting cream. Other than that … no more PJism for me. I end up broke and frustrated.




WOW!! That’s a lot of products!! That’s rough CJ, but it is all about trial and error and finding what works for you and what doesn’t. Seems like you figured out what to avoid, as well as your staples that get the job done! Your wallet is a little lighter, but it seems you were able to accomplish what takes some years to do. So, kudos! 

What products have you tried and kicked to the curb? Why?


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  1. I felt like that Aug/Sept.. I have pull in the reigns now. I still have my list of products to try but I am waiting to see if anything goes on sale during the holiday or I am trying to get it free by contests.


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