My Best Best Bestest Friend


Okay, y’all know I love cartoons. And, my love is not limited to superheroes. I love a variety of ‘toons, including a few meant for small children. A clever, smart or cute cartoon will always get me. Well, there’s this cartoon called Charlie and Lola that used to air on Disney. I absolutely adore it for many reasons. But, one of my favorite things is that the main character, Lola, has a best friend who is a little natural, Lotta! I love Lotta! She wears her curls in three styles: a fro, a single puff and two afro puffs (I love that they spend the time to alter her hairstyle). And, she always has little bows or ballies decorating her adorable curly hair:)! This is one of my fave Lotta episodes. Hope that you enjoy it too!

Don’t you just love their British accents?!?!


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  1. Thanks for that. I am sick in bed, dreeding to wash my hair, and regreting the online purchase I made yesterday. That was a delightful pick me up. It brought back memories of hanging out with my baby sister ( she is 10 years younger than me, but I would always make time to watch cartoons with her after school). Now I am not so worried about the online purchase, and I actually don’t have to wash my hair today ( I can bun it this week), and I get a day to just rest. If this change my out look, maybe you should send it to congress, lol.


  2. Yea!!! I’m glad that it cheered you up Mekale!! I just loved this show. Disney used to air it on weekend mornings, but I don’t see it anymore. I wonder if it’s on during the week? Anywho, I used to watch it religiously. I was looking for this episode when Lola persuades Lotta to trade with her for a day. Lotta has a new, soft and fuzzy, white coat that her aunt from the States sent her and Lola falls in love with it and promises to be “especially, very careful” with it. It doesn’t go as smoothly as she would like! It’s such a cute episode. But, alas, couldn’t find it on YouTube. Anyway, again, I’m so happy that this made your day and outlook a little better. Hmmm … who can I e-mail at congress;)? Maybe I can send this to Mrs. Obama to relay the message;)!!


    • Isn’t he though?!? Every episode starts with that, “I have this little sister Lola, she’s small and very funny …” LOL! He really adores her and takes care of her and it is sooo cute! And Lola adores him too:).


  3. I love this cartoon, it always makes me feel closer to my mom who lives in London. My sons have been in love with this cartoon for some years now. I read the books to them with a British accent (I’ve never lived in England) at bedtime and they just love that I can do their voices.


    • That is sooo cute Peta!! LOL! I always wanted to have a British accent:)! I pretend when I watch it;)! Howe old are your sons? I used to have my niece watch it with me … you notice, I didn’t say, “I used to watch it with my niece.” LMBO!!


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