Daily Archives: November 6, 2011

My Best Best Bestest Friend


Okay, y’all know I love cartoons. And, my love is not limited to superheroes. I love a variety of ‘toons, including a few meant for small children. A clever, smart or cute cartoon will always get me. Well, there’s this cartoon called Charlie and Lola that used to air on Disney. I absolutely adore it for many reasons. But, one of my favorite things is that the main character, Lola, has a best friend who is a little natural, Lotta! I love Lotta! She wears her curls in three styles: a fro, a single puff and two afro puffs (I love that they spend the time to alter her hairstyle). And, she always has little bows or ballies decorating her adorable curly hair:)! This is one of my fave Lotta episodes. Hope that you enjoy it too!

Don’t you just love their British accents?!?!