Fitness Spotlight on Shapely Alterations



Icela (GOC First Wave) featured my fitness story on her site, Shapely Alterations!! Check it out HERE to learn how I overcame my biggest insecurity and ended up on stage with my bikini clad backside to an audience filled auditorium!!

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I did a slideshow so that you can see the pics quickly. But, here’s a gallery too in case anyone wants to see any of the pics in a larger size.


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  1. What determination, what discipline you displayed. That is AWESOME. There is SO much that I want to say but will turn it into the motivation I need to stop making excuses and get back on my ‘A’ game. Reading that has really inspired me. I have taken a page out of your book and started coming home and putting my workout clothes on immediately to help ensure that I will jump rope, ride the bike, workout with a DVD…something, anything that will help me get closer to where I want to be. I am determined to lose another 50lbs…no time frame because the pressure will make me crazy but I lost over 50lbs in the past and I know I can do it again to reach my goal weight. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Viv and Marsha!!

      And Heather, thanks so much for the kind words!! With that kind of determination, I know that you can do it too!! And, when you fall off the wagon, you just get back on! I haven’t worked out in two weeks because of being sick and I’ve had a horrendous week of eating (McDonald’s, pizza, candy corn, just too much junk) … but I’ll be getting it back together pronto!! I refuse to be back at 130 lbs on New Years Eve;)!!


    • You know Rhonda, my upper body is my strong suit. I just get defined very quickly, but kettlebell and yoga (downward dog man) really help. I don’t get the last part though! What does that mean? LOL!!


  2. Now everybody is drooling over your hair but THIS is WAY more impressive. *slaps high five!
    I’m still flim flamming along trying to do 15 mins of exercise. So pathetic. I wish I had your resolve in this area.


  3. OMG!!! you’re just amazing. you look great. what else do you do that we’re not aware of. you go girl.
    don’t know if i’ll be hitting the gym but very inspiring:)


    • Awww, thanks Sophia. Well, I haven’t really conveyed this here yet, but I’m also a decent artist. I don’t draw enough … in fact, I haven’t drawn at all lately … but, I was a visual arts major and should have pursued my MFA. You might see some natural hair tee-shirt designs from me one day;).


  4. Wow, thanks for sharing! I’ve been into weight training for almost two years now and its the best thing I could have done for myself health wise (beside changing the way I eat). Thanks for the further motivation, you go!


  5. Thanks Carla and Leah!! Leah … I ain’t had the best of weeks eating myself. In fact, it was horrible!! Getting it back together though … gotta hit the grocery store first as I’m going to have to throw out all of my Lean Cuisines because we didn’t have electricity for four days. Someone better have them on sale or I’m gonna be POd!!


  6. Where were these pics hiding???? I know you said you did body building but damn!!! Great motivating interview. Ok enough with sitting in front of this commuter, let me get my lazy butt up and exercise!!!!


    • LOL!! I don’t have any digital photos from when I was competing. But, when Icela asked me to be a Fitness Spotlight, I pulled the pics in my album and took photos of them to send to her:). Maybe I’ll udpate this post with a slideshow to share more of the pics that I took.

      Rece, yeah. The thing is, once you understand food/diet and exercise, it’s not a matter of not knowing … it’s just a matter of doing. For me, I never have any doubt that I can lose weight or tone up and when people say that they just can’t lose the weight, I say that either they aren’t doing the right things or they need a medical evaluation to determine if there is an underlying metabolic issue that is preventing weight loss. But, I learned long ago what to do and it’s embedded in my DNA now;). It’s just whether I do it or not and, the older I get and the longer periods I go without exercising, the longer it takes to get back into shape. But, it’s a matter of time, not ability.


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