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Fitness Spotlight on Shapely Alterations



Icela (GOC First Wave) featured my fitness story on her site, Shapely Alterations!! Check it out HERE to learn how I overcame my biggest insecurity and ended up on stage with my bikini clad backside to an audience filled auditorium!!

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I did a slideshow so that you can see the pics quickly. But, here’s a gallery too in case anyone wants to see any of the pics in a larger size.


Three Month Length Check


The third month of our GOC came to a close at the beginning of this week, so it’s time for my “official” 3 month length check! I’m getting very close to my goal of waist length hair. However, my shirt is not laying properly in the first picture below. As you can see, it’s hiking up a little in the middle and it looks like I’m closer to WL than I am. However, I rushed Wei to take this pic before he left for a few days, so I’ll have to wait until he returns to do another take. Also, because I didn’t take still photos of my July length check wearing this DIY tee-shirt, this isn’t the greatest comparison shot. So, I’ll also take a pic with the sports bra I’ve used for prior length checks in order to post side by side comparison photos. Anywho, this was just a quick post to share my progress. I’ll be back with an October wrap-up at the beginning of next week with modifications to my hair regimen, and a recap of my personal fitness challenge. It started with a roar, but ended with a whimper :(. But … ┬áNovember is another chance to get it right, so I’ll lay out my plans for this month too.

Don't worry, that's not a bald spot at my crown. It's my overgrown grey roots! Henna Time!!


Okay my GOCers!! Time for those October wrap-ups! Send your updates and pics to me at hairscapades@gmail.com or give us the rundown in the comments! For all those who haven’t submitted any update since we began, we’d love to hear how you are doing 3 months into this thing. Are you still following your regimen? Trying new things? Is all going well? Has it been challenging? Clue us in;).