Quick 6 Braid Updo


First and foremost, I’m back in my house and the electricity has been restored!! Wooh-hooh! Thank you God! Okay, now onto the hair;). I mentioned yesterday that I came up with a quick style. You see, I started reading Chicoro’s Grow It! last weekend and it suggested loosely braiding dry and detangled hair in sections, rather than twisting it as I’ve been doing, for the wash day routine. I will explain the purpose of this in more detail in another post. For now, just wanted to explain that I finger detangled my dry hair (no Vatika oil pre-poo) in 6 sections and braided those sections loosely in preparation for washing. It took some time as I haven’t washed my hair since the Curly Nikki Meet-Up on October 20th. So, when I realized there was no way I was washing my hair that evening, I had to think about what I could do with my hair to prevent having to undo the braids the next day to style. Now, these braids were not neat or evenly sectioned in any way.

But, I decided to braid the three braids on each side of my head into two big braids.

Then, an idea popped into my head to just secure these braided ponytails against the back of my head as large, flat pin-curls that were directed towards each other and the center of my head.

So, that’s it. I used a little of the Indian Hemp hair dress to smooth my edges before tying my hair down with a satin scarf for the night. The next morning, I removed the scarf, smoothed my temples with my brush and headed out the door. It’s not the sleekest of styles and those grey hairs are screaming that it’s time for a henna treatment, but it worked! Knowing that I might be able to prep my hair for wash day and still get away with using the prep braids as a style for a day will make me do them a little neater next time, so that the style will look a little more polished. I’ll probably experiment with placement of the braids as I’m sure I could come up with a few other options too.


Do you twist or braid your hair in sections for your wash day routine? Do you have a back-up style for your twists/braids if you can’t wash your hair the day that you prep it?

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  1. I don’t twist or braid my hair in preparation for wash day. I don’t even wash my hair in sections. maybe because I don’t have the length to worry about… Yet!

    Girllllll… look at your grays peeking out! I’m still marveling at how long your hair has gotten. Wow!


  2. Beautiful hair and style. I try to do my hair in sections to prep for cleansing. I’d say I do it 60% of the time. I really need to do it more often. It just seems to take much longer :|.


  3. I love this style. Your hair is lovely. Can hardly wait for your length check. I always section my hair for cleansing, however every time I try to wash in braids it loosens and comes apart.lol However, I do braid my hair when styling after the wash and wear it in various styles with these braids during the work week until I wash again.


  4. Hi, Shelli!
    I don’t wash in sections. Believe it or not, my APL hair doesn’t tangle when I wash….yet.
    Totally off subject – but I really wanted to see a full shot of that beautiful blouse!!!!! 🙂

    (natural dancer)
    the frizzness! – thefrizzness.blogspot.com


  5. Though I wash my hair in sections, I don’t braid or twist it unless I’m minutes or an hour away from washing it. I never wear my hair twisted/braided in public for some reason. I guess I don’t feel it can look good on me.


  6. I always wash my hair in sections. About a 6 months ago I moved from washing in four sections to washing in six. First, I do a pre-wash, where I just focus on my scalp while my hair is in the twists. I normally do this in the kitchen sink. Then I move to the shower. Twist by twist I wash the length of my hair using a downward smoothing motion. This helps remove product build up that stops my hair from absorbing water or leave-in conditioner. Then I re-twist each section. I tried washing in twists and braids, but I could still feel the build-up on my hair. It was like the shampoo wasn’t penetrating.

    But really, I want to thank you for the hair style!! This is gonna be me for most of the winter!


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