October Update: Tianna


Okay, October is officially over and it’s time for the next round of updates! Heeeeeeeerrrrreee’s Tianna (Fourth Wave), showing off her new favorite accessories!!


Hey Curlfriends!!

Since my last update, I have only been doing bigger twists to my hair. I’m now obsessed with hats and scarfs. I broke my oath and bought more products: amla, neem and shikakai henna (they were $2.50 and under at the Indian store), emu oil, grapeseed oil (was gonna use it on my face), amla oil($2.99) and aloe vera juice. My latest hair regimen has been:


Shampoo, DC and steam treatment (I couldn’t wait to buy it!!) with castor oil massaged into my scalp and conditioner on my hair. Then, I put cholesterol conditioner on my hair after the steamer. I seal my ends mid-week with Vatika Oil and moisturize my scalp with emu oil.


I rotate between jamila and cassia henna, using green tea and honey or aloe vera gel. Last week, I mixed cassia, a scoop of amla and neem henna and my hair LOVED IT!!! Is was so soft and thick.


Ca-ah-yute Tianna!! Loving the hat, scarf, twists and color!

Who else is rocking their fabu scarfs and hats this Fall/Winter?! Better yet, where are you scoring them?!?


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