September Update: Tiffany


Tiffany (GOC Second Wave) gets us up to speed with an update that covers her set-backs and progress during August, September and October!


I know this is way past due and I’ve been swamped at work. In August, I called myself trying to be like Jack LaLanne and drink my food by doing a juice fast – Big Fail. Let’s just say that my body can’t handle cold turkey of not eating solids. Certain combinations looked and smelled good, but tasted horrible.

I just couldn’t bring myself to drink them. So, I just tried to eat healthy, organic, fresh foods (not processed) and box shelved foods.

September  was a real challenge for me. I felt tired, so busy at work I forget to eat, headaches that would come and go. I had digestion issues, so I would take laxatives to get rid of the excess bloating and the lack of “going” on a daily basis. Needless to say, I got through September without going to the gym at all. I lost a couple of pounds from the stress at work alone.

Then, I received a call from  my longtime friend and fellow natural, Dr. Shavon Jackson, N.D. out of West Orange, NJ ( She’d been telling me about a Detox that she had been researching called Metagenics. It’s a detox to reprogram your system about the things that you eat. This process is not about a quick fix, it is about better vitality and health all around. Detox is important to overall well-being. So ultimately, its goal is to make you feel better and prevent you from getting overburdened by toxins, which can then make you sick. The detox itself is only 10 days, however the preparation prior to and slow introduction following makes it a complete 2 week detox program. I had a consultation with her and realized I wasn’t treating my body right on the inside, therefore I was feeling and looking a sight on the outside. I started the program the second week of October, when I knew I didn’t have anything major planned.  I sustained myself on fresh fruits and veggies for a 10 day period. My symptoms started to change. I was able to “go” on a daily basis and I didn’t feel so groggy and tired inside. I was also able to incorporate juicing into the detox. I went from 160 to 154 pounds.

Now, on to my hair. I experimented with a number of styles over the course of August through October. And I realized that a sew-in and micros are definitely not for me.

I did small 2 strand twist on my hair using the Twist and Lock gel and I guess I left them in too long and they tried to lock on me, the outcome cute nonetheless.

I tried to twist on a 2 week old TnC and I had stellar results, almost as good as your TnC.

However it lasted only a day, then back to the drawing board. Finally, this week, I did a henna treatment blow out since I hadn’t planned on going to the gym anytime soon. I realized my hair grew a lot since my cut in May and the start of the Grow Out Challenge. I think I’ll keep it straight for a while. I got some Miss Jessie’s and Taliah Waajid products from the Circle of Sisters back in the beginning of October that I have been meaning to try (reviews to come).

To sum it all up:

Weight – August: 160,  October: 154
Hair – May: Shoulder length, October: Mid back length
Products (new) – Twist and Lock gel (with the purple top) and a new brand of henna that kind of gave my hair an auburn tint.
Health– Detox to jump-start my body on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Regular visits to a Naturalpathic doctor. No drugs, all natural.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


You look great Tiffany! You’re glowing in that last pic! Congrats on weight loss and growth!! And by growth, I don’t mean just hair, but your revelations about living a healthier lifestyle! I’m definitely going to check out your friend’s site! Maybe I can get her to write a guest post for us with a little more about the concepts behind the program and the benefits;)?


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