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Threadmill Satin-Lined Hat Review


Check out this awesome review by CurlyNuGrowth, our September giveaway winner!!


Crochet Hat w/ Satin Lining by Threadmill

Yes, my Crocheted Hat with Satin Lining from Threadmill finally arrived, and in such pretty packaging!

As some of you may know, if you follow me on Twitter [CurlyNuGrowth], I won this hat in a giveaway from the Hairscapades blog a few weeks ago! I was really ecstatic about it, especially with the weather getting colder here in the DC area!

The hat is crocheted and is done so with pretty thick yarn which adds to the warmth of the hat in windy weather. And also, unlike most crocheted hats that have holes that allow the cold air to get to your curls, my hat has an added satin lining! The satin lining not only protects my hair from the yarn which could cause drying and/or lint balls in my Sisterlocks, but also from the wind and cold air from getting to my tresses, Win Win!

I absolutely LOVE the hat, and especially the satin lining! Its warm, colorful, and stylish and definitely a great addition to my Fall wardrobe!

I want thank Dottie at Threadmill for sponsoring the giveaway and Hairscapades for hosting the giveaway! I look forward to more great content at Hairscapades, as well as fabulous giveaways! If you’re interested in purchasing one of these great crocheted hats with an added satin lining, head over to the Threadmill Etsy shop and take your pick at their great selection!


September Update: Tiffany


Tiffany (GOC Second Wave) gets us up to speed with an update that covers her set-backs and progress during August, September and October!


I know this is way past due and I’ve been swamped at work. In August, I called myself trying to be like Jack LaLanne and drink my food by doing a juice fast – Big Fail. Let’s just say that my body can’t handle cold turkey of not eating solids. Certain combinations looked and smelled good, but tasted horrible.

I just couldn’t bring myself to drink them. So, I just tried to eat healthy, organic, fresh foods (not processed) and box shelved foods.

September  was a real challenge for me. I felt tired, so busy at work I forget to eat, headaches that would come and go. I had digestion issues, so I would take laxatives to get rid of the excess bloating and the lack of “going” on a daily basis. Needless to say, I got through September without going to the gym at all. I lost a couple of pounds from the stress at work alone.

Then, I received a call from  my longtime friend and fellow natural, Dr. Shavon Jackson, N.D. out of West Orange, NJ (http://www.brooksidenaturopathic.com/). She’d been telling me about a Detox that she had been researching called Metagenics. It’s a detox to reprogram your system about the things that you eat. This process is not about a quick fix, it is about better vitality and health all around. Detox is important to overall well-being. So ultimately, its goal is to make you feel better and prevent you from getting overburdened by toxins, which can then make you sick. The detox itself is only 10 days, however the preparation prior to and slow introduction following makes it a complete 2 week detox program. I had a consultation with her and realized I wasn’t treating my body right on the inside, therefore I was feeling and looking a sight on the outside. I started the program the second week of October, when I knew I didn’t have anything major planned.  I sustained myself on fresh fruits and veggies for a 10 day period. My symptoms started to change. I was able to “go” on a daily basis and I didn’t feel so groggy and tired inside. I was also able to incorporate juicing into the detox. I went from 160 to 154 pounds.

Now, on to my hair. I experimented with a number of styles over the course of August through October. And I realized that a sew-in and micros are definitely not for me.

I did small 2 strand twist on my hair using the Twist and Lock gel and I guess I left them in too long and they tried to lock on me, the outcome cute nonetheless.

I tried to twist on a 2 week old TnC and I had stellar results, almost as good as your TnC.

However it lasted only a day, then back to the drawing board. Finally, this week, I did a henna treatment blow out since I hadn’t planned on going to the gym anytime soon. I realized my hair grew a lot since my cut in May and the start of the Grow Out Challenge. I think I’ll keep it straight for a while. I got some Miss Jessie’s and Taliah Waajid products from the Circle of Sisters back in the beginning of October that I have been meaning to try (reviews to come).

To sum it all up:

Weight – August: 160,  October: 154
Hair – May: Shoulder length, October: Mid back length
Products (new) – Twist and Lock gel (with the purple top) and a new brand of henna that kind of gave my hair an auburn tint.
Health– Detox to jump-start my body on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Regular visits to a Naturalpathic doctor. No drugs, all natural.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


You look great Tiffany! You’re glowing in that last pic! Congrats on weight loss and growth!! And by growth, I don’t mean just hair, but your revelations about living a healthier lifestyle! I’m definitely going to check out your friend’s site! Maybe I can get her to write a guest post for us with a little more about the concepts behind the program and the benefits;)?

What a Week!!


So, it’s about 6 pm on Sunday and I’m in the Barnes and Nobles trying to get a few posts together for Monday. You see, it’s been a heck of a week. As you know, I was under the weather last Sunday. I took the day off of work on Monday and was feeling well enough to return on Tuesday. Tuesday night, I decided to hit the treadmill and did mid-intensity intervals as I still wasn’t feeling 100% and noticed that my chest was tightening up. I should have taken that as a warning. On Wednesday, I started to lose my voice at work and by that evening was down to a raspy whisper. I’ve never lost my voice in my life! I talk ALL of the time! This was just inconceivable!!

I went to work on Thursday anyway, with even less of a voice, and then had to head down to far south Jersey for a big annual overnight dinner and Friday morning board meeting. Before heading down south on Thursday, I was rear-ended. Fortunately, it was a very minor fender bender, but it’s going to require a claim and be an inconvenience, nonetheless. I got the guys information, then hit the road, attended the dinner Thursday night and the meeting the following morning. Then, I hit the road for home around 12:30. I made it back around 4 pm and hit the sack, still trying to recover from the cold with laryngitis that I suspected had become either a sinus infection or bronchitis.

Saturday hit and the snow began … in October. Before Halloween. We’re not talking about a little flurry … a dusting … or even an inch of snow. No. We’re talking about a full on snow storm, 6-8 inches of accumulation, downed trees … county wide power outages … closed roadways. Yeah, the whole kit and kaboodle. I lost electricity at around 2 pm … just when I was about to finally catch up on all the 60 hours of shows I have DVR’d! Instead, I had to essentially spend the rest of the day sleeping (which was probably needed). On Sunday morning, awoke with the same nagging cold, cough and congestion. Took a sink bath (thank goodness for gas heat that can be used to heat water) and headed out for brunch. It took an hour to finally get to some place to eat and a 40 minute wait once we got there. You see, traffic lights up and down the major route through my county were down and almost every U-turn was barricaded by the cops. Every place we stopped was either closed or packed until we finally gave up and stopped at a packed diner. After waiting for parking and waiting to be seated, we were finally able to sit down, get some coffee and eat around 1:30. Then we hit the road again and now, we’re back at the beginning …

It’s about 6 pm on Sunday and I’m in a Barnes and Nobles trying to get a few posts together for Monday. My house is dark, cold and “disconnected.” I’m in a warm Barnes & Nobles sitting next to Wei and three other people (one of whom bought a power strip with him so that he could charge multiple devices from one wall outlet) typing away, hoping that one of the times that I call my internet supplied home phone number that it will ring repeatedly instead of picking up on the first ring, signaling that power has been restored. But, I know that hope is a shot in the dark … pun intended.

With that, I ask that you please bear with me if there aren’t as many posts as normal this week, if that review or hairstory you sent me isn’t posted or I don’t respond to comments. As you can see, I’m kind of going through something! LOL!! I have no hair updates as there was no wash day this weekend and my hair is a mess right now, hidden in a low bun under my Threadmill satin-lined beanie!! That being said, I was able to finish two other posts for today and I hope that you enjoy them.


(And here’s hoping that this week will be better!!)


I’m in need of some cheering up! So, please regale me with your story of fun or success from last week!! If you don’t have any of those, then commiserate with me in misery. But, I’m really hoping for more of the former than the latter!!

(p.s. Today is the last day to submit your entry for the October giveaway!! Three copies of Chicoro’s Grow It! are up for grabs! 3 winners will be selected at the end of the week and they’ll also receive a bottle of Vatika oil donated by moi as an added bonus! Click here for details on how to enter for your chance to win!