September Update: Mershauna


by Mershanua (First Wave) of The Dancing Optimist

September Update: hair – bsl; weight – 134 lbs

As far as crazy goes, August has nothing on September. The seniors at school are doing their BFAs, which ia like a capstone project where they showcase their choreography in an informal concert setting. I was cast in 3 pieces, so rehearsals have been crazy … like 5 days a week crazy. I flat-ironed my hair this month also and since my choreographer wanted my hair straight, I had to keep it that way longer than i intended. John Frieda had my back though. I trimmed maybe a little over an inch off all my hair. That was greatly needed in my opinion. I had a lot of splits and knots, thanks to summer. I probably would have cut more if my BF didn’t beg me to put the scissors away *lol*. I’ve been in strictly protective styles since I’m dancing. It’s just easier.

On the fitness front, I’ve notice myself get stronger in class. I’m getting my beastly calves back! The other day, a classmate complimented me on my arms … that made my entire week. Getting back into the gym. I’m focusing on toning and strengthening more so than losing weight. I figure that will come with the rest. I’m also eating healthy and drinking ridiculous amounts of water.

Oh, the picture of the girl who obviously isn’t me is my goal for the end of this school year. lol. I want muscles like that :)!

Goals for October:
  • Henna: check
  • Hit the gym at least 4 days a week
  • Moisture
  • Protective styles: check
  • Buy a scale – fitness center has one :).


Looking awesome Mershauna! Hair and body (dang, look at those abs!)! You’re going to have to give us a rundown on your straightening process and products! How ironic that your choreographer wanted your hair straight and that episode of Reed Between the Lines was about the daughter’s play director wanting her hair straight for the part. He gave her a wig though! She’s the one that opted for the flat-iron!

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  1. Ok, Meshauna OMG! Can I just say you look like you are already at your goal!! I don’t see much difference between you and your goal picture! I would love to read about your straightening process as well.


  2. ill definitely get to work on my straightening process 🙂 as far as my goal idk maybe i a little crazy.i have abs but id just like to have more definition and what im really coveting are those legs.i just realized i didnt send a pic of my lower half. it isnt bad but i want to tone up my thigh and butt area more.oh! and thanks everyone for the kind words.everyone’s progress is really inspiring 🙂


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