See, What Had Happened Was …


It’s Sunday night and I’m not feeling too hot as I sit and type this. Started getting a sore throat in the morning and now, have some congestion, achiness and chills on top of that. The whack thing is, it’s probably allergies. I’ve dosed up on some generic Sudafed now (the kind you have to sign for with your blood at the pharmacy) and will probably take some NyQuil capsules tonight, just for good measure. Also, just made a cup of chamomile tea that I’ll be sipping on shortly. Anywho, all that to say, I wasn’t sick last week, so it’s no excuse for not exercising the majority it. I messed up by not following my morning and evening time Rules (in bed by 11 pm and off the computer by 6:45 am). I was planning on doing hot yoga tonight, but knew it wasn’t happening when I started feeling so crappy. So, that’s the update on the fitness, or lack thereof, front for last week. Unlesss I’m completely incapacitated, there will be no excuse for this week.

In regard to hair, you already know. I was taking it easy until the Curly Nikki NYC Meet-Up, so I bunned the majority of the week. Well, I did have one day where I did a very simple banana clip updo. It’s nothing but a banana clip positioned vertically to form a ponytail and then I rolled the ends together, tucked, “poofed” it up and pinned with no more than 2 or 3 bobby pins).

On Saturday night, after wearing my hair in a TnC for three days, I decided I wanted to try to do the style pictured below. I’d seen it on someone’s PinInterest page (I found it because they had a picture of my pin-curled twists!).

It seemed simple enough and doable on hair stretched by a TnC (which, by the way, I was complimented on by a guy at the Sprint store … Oh yeah, I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone this weekend. If you remember, I was still rocking the Batphone ;).). I grabbed my camera to film it as I haven’t made a YouTube video in weeks! Well, the dang thing cut off at 13 seconds! It did that before and I thought it was because I had a lot of pictures on the camera. But this time, I only had 61!! So, I don’t know what the deal is. I’ll have to investigate as I really want to make some videos for you guys! Anywho, I tried to take a couple of pics of the style in progress, but didn’t do that great of a job. Also, once I looked at the inspiration picture again, I realized that I didn’t imitate the style very well. I placed my bun higher, made a real bun (with one Spin Pin) instead of a folded half bun, and placed the side rolls a lot higher. I also didn’t tuck my ends into the bun, but rather “scrunched” the curls and haphazardly pinned them. I liked it anyway (though I wish I started the side rolls closer to my face) and wore it like this on Sunday and plan on keeping it in for at least another day or two.

My next wash day will be Wednesday again as I have my company’s big Board of Directors dinner and meeting to attend on Thursday and Friday. I’ll probably do a TnC again to give the Gold N’ Hot another whirl. I’ll save the review on that for after my second set as I plan on trying the TnC on mostly dry hair rather than wet/damp. My review of the ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor will post this week though. Hmmmm, very interesting …


So, what are your hair and/or fitness plans for the week? Anyone starting to “Winterize” their routines? If so, what will you be doing differently?

I’m good on that front as my regimen and products work for any season. Oh, but I do plan on getting those twists soon as my hair arrived last week! Still need to find someone I trust to do it though!

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  1. Absolutely love the first style… the simple banana clip updo! Still waiting until my long hair returns. =)

    I wonder how I’ll winterize. This is my first winter all natural. So far, I’ve been oiling my hair much more to keep it really moisturized.


    • LOL!! I have to see if I can find a Batman skin for my new iPhone protector:). And, I’m telling you, the banana clip is, like, my favorite hair tool EVER. I get so many simple and quick styles out of it!


        • I’m definitely planning on googling for a Batman skin for the iPhone 4! I need to get my Bats on;)!! And, yeah, the banana clip is the bomb. That thing saves me from a bad hair day so many times!!


  2. I am not sure how I will handle my hair this winter. I usually have it blown out during the winter but now that I am past a year of transitioning I don’t think that will be a good idea.
    I don’t like any of the protective styles I have tried other than just a plain ponytail and I really don’t consider that protective at all. I will do some research and figure something out.
    What I will do is make sure I keep it moisturized and wear lined hats.


    • Sounds like a plan Heather! If a ponytail works for you, why doesn’t a bun? Do you want it bigger? If so, maybe you can try a sock bun? They don’t work for me, but Rece had some great results with one!


  3. I am pretty sure my winter routine will be bunning – lots and lots of buns — LOL. I really need to up the moisturizer. I have fine strands and it seems that I need something rich enough to infuse moisture yet not so heavy as to weigh down my strands. Fine balance that I can’t seem to maintain. I am stretching these days with rollersets, yet last week I pulled back out the curlformers. They were a bear for me to put in (much moreso than my trusty magnetic rollers) but I liked the end result better – straighter roots. If anyone has any suggestions what I can use to moisturizer – I’m open! Thanks!
    ~Rhonda C


  4. That is super cute. I definitely want to try it, but will have to stretch out my hair before trying it.

    As for fitness goals, my knee is feeling better, so I’m going to try to begin doing more yoga this week. I can’t wait to begin working out more!


  5. iphones are the best!!! You will enjoy it. Your hair turned out nice. I know you didn’t back comb it like she did in the picture! What a nightmare on natural curly hair that would have been. For winter I plan to moisturize, moisturize, and more moisturize. My hair tends to be on the dry side so I have to stay on top of that in the cold weather. As for fitness, I plan to try to find more things to do in doors, since I can not run in the cold.


    • I think that I’m addicted to the iPhone already Miche’al. Question for my iPhone friends. Did you get a lot of gobbledy gook “Free” text messages when you first got your phones?? I keep getting these texts that say they will stop automatically. They are just random, from a number 911-4. Not sure if they are somehow associated with the functioning of the phone or one of the apps … like, is my phone being “triangulated” for GPS or iCloud or something?

      As to the style … girl, you no dang well there was no teasing involved!! LOL!! Curly hair has no need to be teased:)!


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