El Diablo


I used to LOVE Recess! It was a great cartoon, cleverly using the playground as a vehicle for satire or an allegory for life. Not many cartoons, which appeal to an older than pre-school age audience, seem to teach life lessons anymore. Anywho, this was one of my favorite episodes ever!

“Safety Man!! Come back Safety Man!! School isn’t over yet!!”

(p.s. If you were a fan of the show, I used to work with a woman who looked just like Miss Finster! It was hee-larious!)


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  1. Ahhh, Pepper Ann!!! I was sooo bummed when that stopped airing! I loved that show! I wasn’t as big a fan of Jackie Chan because Jade was a bad a@#$ little kid who needed a whuppin’ (LOL!), but I watched it every Saturday too up until they got too much into those talisman things … like, the went through three different sets of things. But Recess was my JUNK! You remember the episode where TJ goes, “And Chaka Khan! We’re in!” I fell out laughing! What a great and smart show:).


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